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Route 114 Westbound Bridge Replacement

Montgomery/Pulaski County line

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Begin Date
Spring 2011

Est Completion Date
November 2014

Under Construction

$14.9 million

Lengths and Limits
from 0.34 mile east of the Montgomery/Pulaski County line to 0.22 mile west of the Montgomery/Pulaski County line

Wright Brothers Construction Co. Inc.



Duane Mann

About the Project

This project replaced the old, damaged Route 114 westbound bridge over the New River. The westbound Route 114 bridge and approaches over the New River were constructed in 1939.  At that time, the two-lane bridge carried both eastbound and westbound Route 114 traffic.  

In 1990, a new two-lane bridge was built to carry eastbound Route 114 traffic.  The old bridge was used to carry westbound traffic and remained in service until June 2002, when it was closed to traffic due to structural damage caused by a vehicle accident. 

In January 2011, a contract was awarded to replace the westbound Route 114 bridge.

In April 2011, work on the bridge began.    

On April 1, 2013, the boat ramp to the New River located beneath the Route 114 bridge at the Pulaski and Montgomery County line reopened.

In November 2014, work on the bridge was completed.

The reconstructed westbound Route 114 bridge consists of two 12-foot travel lanes with a 10-foot right shoulder and a six-foot left shoulder for a total width of 40 feet.


Bridge Demolition Video

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