Under Construction: Powhatan - Old Buckingham Road (Route 13) Bridge Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to replace the aging Route 13 bridge over Sallee Creek in Powhatan County with a new structure on the existing alignment. The current bridge was built in 1920.

Construction is expected to begin May 18, 2020.


The new structure will accommodate future traffic volumes and improve safety.


Contact Info:

Chip Frazer, Construction Manager
(804) 840-7087

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Phase: Coming Soon

UPC: 105108

State ID: 0013-072-593, P101, R201, C501, D607

Federal ID: BR-072-4(020), STP-072-4(025), STP-072-4(026), STP-072-4(026)

Lat/Long: 37.523745, -77.993955

Locality: Powhatan

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Old Buckingham Road (Route 13) detour in Powhatan County

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