Harrisonburg Connector Study

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This Harrisonburg Southeast Connector Study is scheduled to conclude in about 30 months. Here is a list of scheduled study tasks and completion times:

Scoping has been completed
Determines the scope of issues to be addressed and identifies the significant issues related to the study area. Scoping issues have included the following:

  • A public scoping meeting was held July 22, 2004.
  • Meetings have been held with local, state, and federal agency representatives.
  • Letters have been exchanged with a number of local, state, and federal agency representatives.
  • Previous and related studies have been reviewed.
  • Local comprehensive plans have been reviewed.

Traffic and Transportation Analysis has been completed
The year 2030 traffic conditions will be projected and analyzed in order to identify deficiencies and operating characteristics of concepts.

Concept Development/Refinement has been completed
Develops the options to address transportation deficiencies.

Environmental Impact Analysis has been completed
Evaluates the impacts of transportation improvement concepts.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Made available to the public on March 20, 2006. Documents the traffic, engineering and environmental information.

Public Hearing has been completed
A public hearing was held May, 11, 2006, which provided an opportuniy for the public to comment on the Draft EIS.

Final EIS Summer 2007
Documents Commonwealth Transportation Board action and addresses the comments on the DEIS and from the Public Hearing. Following completion of the EIS, a Record of Decision will be issued by the Federal Highway Administration.

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