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Walker Road over Piney Run

Bridge replacement in Fairfax County

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Northern Virginia

Edwin Woo, P.E.
Structure & Bridge
Gary Runco, P.E.
Structure & Bridge

About the Project

The purpose of this project is to replace the bridge on Route 681 (Walker Road) over Piney Run in Fairfax County. The bridge is located about three quarters of a mile north of Leesburg Pike (Route 7).

The existing bridge was constructed in 1932 and has been identified as a project for replacement. The existing bridge is 19 feet in length and has a total width of approximately 22 feet, and can accommodate alternating one-way traffic. The bridge was constructed with rolled steel beams and a timber deck. 

The new bridge will consist of a 50-foot-long single-span structure with a total width of 40 feet and will accommodate constant 2-way traffic without the use of existing yield signs. The new bridge will include an attached six-foot sidewalk on the west side of the road to accommodate future trails planned by Fairfax County.


Public information meeting - June 2015
Design public hearing - February 2016
Design approval - January 2017
Begin right of way acquisition/utility relocation - To be determined
Advertise for construction - To be determined


Design Public Hearing (February 2016)

Presentation, brochure and comment sheet 

Aerial View Rendering - Plan Alternative 2

Public Information Meeting (June 2015)

Community meeting presentation  

Community meeting brochure and comment sheet 

Community meeting postcard 

Display boards: Plan Alternative 1, Plan Alternative 2, Plan Alternative 3

Plan Alternative 4

Aerial View Renderings: Alternative 1, Alternative 2, Alternative 3

Alternative 4A, Alternative 4B, Alternative 4C

Project Numbers

State: 0681-029-717, P101, R201, M501, B602
Federal: BROS-5401(853)
UPC: 84383                                                                                                       

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