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Route 7 over Dulles Airport Toll Road

Bridge deck replacement and widening in Fairfax County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Winter 2016

Est Completion Date
Winter 2018

$39.6 million

Lengths and Limits
Total length of the project is approximately 0.43 mile from 0.56 mile west of Tyco Road to 0.13 mile west of Tyco Road.


Northern Virginia

Arif Rahman, P.E.
Project Manager

About the Project

This project will widen Route 7 from four lanes to six lanes, approximately from 0.1 mile west of Tyco Road to approximately 0.6 mile west of Tyco Road. The six lane facility will tie into the existing four lanes. The decks of the two existing bridges over Dulles Airport Toll Road (DATR) will be replaced and widened in the middle to accommodate one extra lane on each side of the bridges. A 14 foot wide shared-use path will be built for pedestrians and bikes to travel in each direction. The shared-use path will tie into future trails. The proposed grade of the bridges over DATR will be raised to meet the standard clearance requirement of 16' 6". The superstructure and the two abutments of the existing bridges will be replaced, and the substructure will be repaired. Existing piers will be widened to accommodate the additional width for the bridge. The widening work will require some additional right of way and temporary construction easements.

Estimated Project Costs

Design engineering of roadway plans: $2.3 million
Right of way acquisition and utility relocation: $2.2 million
Construction: $35.1 million
Total estimated cost: $39.6 million

Anticipated Schedule

Begin Construction: Winter 2016
End Construction: Winter 2018

Traffic Impacts

The bridge will be opened for traffic all times.


Public hearing brochure and comment sheet (February 2013)

Project Overview Plan and Bridge Rendering

Working group presentation (Sept. 25, 2013)

Project location map (Sept. 25, 2013)

State Project: 0007-029-139, P101, R201, C501, B617, B618
UPC: 82135

Federal Project: BR-5401 (738)


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