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Route 27 over Route 110

Rehabilitating the Washington Boulevard bridge over Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington

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Begin Date
March 2015

Est Completion Date
Spring 2018

$32 million

Judlau Contracting Inc.


Northern Virginia

Yusaf Masud, P.E.
Charles Harvey, P.E.

About the Project

This project is modifying and repairing the Route 27 (Washington Boulevard) bridge over Route 110 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Arlington County. The original bridge, located adjacent to the Pentagon, carried three lanes of traffic in each direction and had a concrete sidewalk on each side and a six-foot-wide concrete raised median. The bridge, built in 1941, was in poor condition prior to reconstruction. In 2002, Route 110 was realigned just south of the bridge. 

The bridge is being widened by nine feet to 105 feet, to accommodate a 14-foot shared-use path on the east side, and an eight-foot sidewalk on the west. The superstructure is being replaced and widened, expanding the length of the bridge to 470 feet by adding two new end spans. The slab vault structure behind the abutments is being completely replaced by two new piers and abutments, adding an additional span at each end of the bridge.

The new bridge superstructure will be shallower than the original bridge superstructure, increasing the westbound Route 110 vertical clearance from 15 feet 4 inches to 17 feet.

The new bridge's aesthetics include decorative wrought-iron picket fencing, low-level LED pedestrian lighting, gateway pillars, a recessed concrete pattern on parapets and forest-green color. The crowning touch will be signature medallions on the bridge’s gateway pillars honoring each of the four branches of the U.S. Military: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force.

Top: Rendering of future Route 27 looking north
Bottom: Rendering of future Route 110 looking west.

Route 27 over Route 110 bridge renderings

Estimated project costs:
Preliminary engineering: $2.5 million
Right of way: $30,000
Construction: $29 million
Total: $31.5 million

Construction Update

In Jan. 2017, the lanes of southbound Route 27 were shifted to the right onto the new bridge over Route 110. The northbound left lane of Route 27 was shifted to the left onto the new bridge over Route 110; the northbound right lane was shifted to the left, but continues to cross Route 110 on the existing bridge.

Traffic Impacts

Traffic on Washington Boulevard has been reduced from three lanes to two in each direction and will remain as such for the duration of the project. VDOT is maintaining a minimum of two lanes in each direction on both Routes 27 and 110.

As of 2013, Route 27 carries 71,500 vehicles per day and Route 110 carries 61,500 vehicles per day.


Public hearing brochure and presentation (Feb. 13, 2013)

Project Numbers

UPC: 82131 

State Project: 0027-000-102, P101, C501, B603

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