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Portsmouth Road over Flat Branch

Culvert Replacement in Prince William County

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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
July 2014

Est Completion Date
Dec. 2014

Approx. $1.2 million

Prince William

Northern Virginia

Scott Burdick
Construction Manager
Michael Gleasman, P.E.
Area Construction Engineer

***** NOTE: Portsmouth Road was reopened to traffic Nov. 21, 2014.

About the Project

This project is reconstructing the culvert at Portsmouth Road (Route 1529) over Flat Branch, near Deward Court and Fairmont Avenue in Prince William County.  The previous culvert was structurally deficient and consisted of three corrugated metal pipes supported by temporary shoring. The structure was built in 1980. The new culvert is a triple concrete box culvert. Construction began in early July 2014 and the road was reopened to traffic November 21, 2014.


Estimated Project Costs

Preliminary engineering: $300,000  
Right of way: $94,000  
Construction: $800,000  
Total estimated cost: Approximately $1.2 million


Project Location Map and Proposed Detour

Right of Way Documentation:

Title Sheet, Data Sheet, Project Plans and Right of Way Plan Sheet

State Environmental Review Process (SERP) Closure Memorandum

State Project: 1529-076-099,P101,R201,M501,D653 

UPC: 103588

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