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Pacific Boulevard Extension - Final Segment

Relocation Drive to Dresden Street, Loudoun County

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Begin Date
July 2011

Est Completion Date
June 2013

$12 million

Lengths and Limits
0.67 mile
Relocation Drive to Dresden Street

Shirley Contracting Company, LLC


Northern Virginia

James C. Zeller, P.E.
Tim Hartzell, P.E.
Location and Design

This project opened to traffic on May 31, 2013. See news release for details.

About the Project

This project built the final section of Pacific Boulevard between Relocation Drive (Route 775) and Dresden Street. Pacific Boulevard is the western collector road for the Route 28 corridor in Loudoun County.  With this final segment, Pacific Boulevard runs from Ox Road (Route 606) to Nokes Boulevard. The road is expected to carry 12,800 vehicles per day by 2034.

The new road includes two 12-foot travel lanes in each direction, a raised median, turn lanes, curbs and drainage gutters, a10-foot-wide shared-use path on the west side of the road and a five-foot sidewalk on the east side.

Preliminary engineering: $1.5 million
Right of way and utilities: $4.4 million
Construction: $6.1 million
Total: $12 million

State Project: 1036-053-959, P101, R201, C501
Federal Project:  STP-5A01(056)   UPC: 93144

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