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Pacific Boulevard Extension

From east of Richfield Way to north of Nokes Boulevard in Loudoun County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Summer 2015

$30.6 million


Northern Virginia

Jalal Masumi
Project Manager

About the Project

This project aims to improve traffic flow on Route 28 and in and around the Nokes Boulevard Interchange. 

This project will construct a new segment of Pacific Boulevard from just east of Richfield Way to just north of Nokes Boulevard, a project length of about 3,000 feet. Pacific Boulevard will be designed as a four-lane urban collector road with pedestrian accommodations. Pacific Boulevard will also be widened from two to four lanes from Severn Way to Nokes Boulevard. 

In May 2013, VDOT completed the Pacific Boulevard extension from Dresden Street to Relocation Drive. When this project is complete, drivers will have access to Pacific Boulevard from Richfield Way south to Ox Road (Route 606), a distance of more than four miles. 

A location and design public hearing was held on April 1, 2014.

Cost and Schedule

Estimated Project Cost
Preliminary Engineering - $200,000
Right of Way - $350,000
Construction - $30 million
Total: $30.6 million

Anticipated Schedule
Begin construction - Summer 2015


Public hearing brochure (April 1, 2014)

Conceptual plan

State Project Number: 1036-053-074,P101,R201,C501,B691,B690,D671

UPC: 105331

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