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In Design

I-66 Spot Improvements - Spot 3

Westbound from Lee Highway to North Glebe Road in Arlington

Project at a Glance

Begin Date

$25 million

Lengths and Limits
Westbound between Route 29 (Lee Hwy) and Route 120 (North Glebe Rd)


Northern Virginia

Gene Weldon, P.E.
Project Manager
Terry Yates, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering Manager for Arlington County

About the Project

This project will construct an auxiliary lane connecting the on-ramp from Lee Highway to the off-ramp to North Glebe Road on westbound I-66. The project will include sound walls at locations meeting the federal criteria and approved by adjacent benefited property owners. No right of way acquisition is anticipated.

Anticipated Schedule
Construction - 2020 

Cost estimate
Preliminary engineering - $4.2 million
Right of way - N/A
Construction - $20.8 million
Total - $25 million


Sample citizen letter and survey form (Nov. 2013)

Project plans

Potential soundwall 2C- North Glebe Road | 2D,4,5,6 & 8- West of Utah St. to East of Quincy St. | 8 (cont.), 9, 10- West of Monroe St to Lee Hwy

Soundwall section details

Project Numbers
State: 0066-000-114, P101, C501  
UPC: 78827
Federal: NH-066-1 (314)

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