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In Design

I-66 Spot Improvements - Spot 3

Westbound from Route 29 (Exit 72) to North Glebe Road in Arlington

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Construction: 2020

$25 million

Lengths and Limits
Rt. 29 (Exit 72) to Rt. 120


Northern Virginia

Gene Weldon, P.E.
Location & Design
Terry Yates, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

About the Project

This project will construct an auxiliary lane connecting the on-ramp from Route 29 (Lee Highway) Exit 72 to the off-ramp to North Glebe Road (Route 120) on westbound I-66. The project will include sound walls at locations meeting the federal criteria and approved by adjacent benefited property owners. No right of way acquisition is anticipated.

Anticipated Schedule
Construction - 2020 

Cost estimate
Preliminary engineering - $4.2 million
Right of way - N/A
Construction - $20.8 million
Total - $25 million


Sample citizen letter and survey form (Nov. 2013)

Project plans

Potential soundwall 2C- North Glebe Road | 2D,4,5,6 & 8- West of Utah St. to East of Quincy St. | 8 (cont.), 9, 10- West of Monroe St to Lee Hwy

Soundwall section details

Project Numbers
State: 0066-000-114, P101, C501  
UPC: 78827
Federal: NH-066-1 (314)

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