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I-66 Multimodal Study - Inside the Beltway

Identifying solutions between I-495 and the Roosevelt Bridge

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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
July 2011

Est Completion Date
June 2012

Lengths and Limits
I-495 to Roosevelt Bridge

Northern Virginia

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About the Study

This study identifies a range of multimodal and corridor management solutions (operational, transit, bike, pedestrian, and highway) that can be implemented to reduce highway and transit congestion and improve overall mobility within the I-66 corridor, between I-495 and the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge.

Key Project Milestones

July 2011 – Project Kickoff
December 2011 – First public meeting
April 2012 – Second public meeting
June 2012 – Final report



Fact Sheets 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Multimodal study area map
Interim report  (December 2011)
Presentation, presentation boards and public comments from December 2011 public meeting
Presentation and presentation boards from April 2012 open house

I-66 Multimodal Study Final Report and Appendices (June 2012)
Letter to Transportation Planning Board (TPB) Chairman

I-66 Supplemental Final Report (January 2014)

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