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Belfort Park Area Improvements

Local road network improvements in Loudoun County

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Begin Date
July 2014

Est Completion Date
Summer 2016

$9 million


Northern Virginia

Jalal Masumi
Project Manager

About the Project

This project has improved traffic flow and the local road network by extending Glenn Drive to Cedar Green Road and eliminating the exit from Route 28 to Cedar Green Road. It has further converted Route 28 to a limited-access highway and has provided a four-lane connection between Davis Drive and Cedar Green Road.

Glenn Drive was extended from where it previously ended north to Cedar Green Road. (See project map to the right). Where Cedar Green Road and Glenn Drive previously intersected, a new four-lane road was also extended east to Davis Drive. The east-west portion of what had been Cedar Green Road was widened to four lanes similar to Glenn Drive and is now called Belfort Park Drive.

The project also includes sidewalks along the north side of Cedar Green, from Shaw Road to Davis Drive. As development along Glenn Drive and the south side of Cedar Green Road progresses, additional pedestrian facilities will be provided by adjacent developers.

Minor improvements to Shaw Road have also occurred, including a new southbound auxiliary lane with connection to Cedar Green to the west, and extending the northbound turn lane on Shaw Road approximately 125 feet to the intersection with Cedar Green.

These improvements to the local road network are based on Loudoun County’s Comprehensive Plan, which calls for Cedar Green, Shaw Road, Glenn Drive and Davis Drive to be four-lane undivided urban local roadways. Design and construction of these improvements, about 4,200 feet in length, were funded by the County. Construction was administered by VDOT under the Route 28 PPTA contract and is being maintained by VDOT post-completion. Road design meets VDOT criteria and right-of-way was acquired for the full four-lane typical section.

Project Schedule

Construction began in July 2014. In June 2015, Davis Drive, Glenn Drive, and Belfort Park Drive opened to traffic in the new configuration and Cedar Green Road was permanently closed at Route 28.


Public hearing brochure and project displays  (Sept. 2012)

UPC: 102297  
State Project: 0028-053-010,P101,R-201,C501

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