Coming Soon: Route 123 over Route 7 Bridge Rehabilitation in Fairfax County

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Note: A public information meeting was held May 30. For more information including meeting materials, clilck on the "Public Outreach" button above. 

This project will rehabilitate the northbound and southbound Route 123 (Chain Bridge Road) bridges over Route 7 (Leesburg Pike). The bridges were built in 1965.

The planned improvements include:

  • Repairing and resurfacing the concrete bridge decks.
  • Repairing bridge piers, abutments and bearings.
  • Painting steel bridge beams.
  • Repaving Route 123 adjacent to the bridges.

At the interchange, Route 123 averages up to 30,000 vehicles a day and Route 7 averages up to 86,000.

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering - $300,000
Construction - $2.2 million
Total - $2.5 million

The project is being financed with federal and state State of Good Repair funds used for maintenance of structures and bridges.


The project aims to improve safety for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians and extend the overall life of the bridges. 

Major Milestones 

Public Information Meeting - May 2019
Advertise for Construction - August 2019
Award Construction Contract - November 2019
Begin Construction - Winter 2019/20
Estimated Completion - Winter 2020/21


Contact Info:

Benjamin Ernst, P.E., CCM

Yusaf Masud, P.E.


Project Photos

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Programmatic Categorical Exclusions

Fairfax County Tysons Transportation Projects and Studies

Phase: In Design

UPC: 111685, 111686

State ID: 0123-029-385, P101, B640; 0123-029-384, P101, B641

Federal ID: STP-BR0-9 (297)

Lat/Long: 38.918934, -77.231364

Locality: Fairfax

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Northbound Route 123 bridge over Route 7, pre-construction
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Southbound Route 123 bridge over Route 7, pre-construction

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