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Year(s) Event(s)
1957 Colonial Parkway from Williamsburg to Jamestown is completed.
1975 Route 5 is designated as a Scenic Byway.
1999  The initial feasibility study for the Virginia Capital Trail is completed.
2003 Initial design of the Virginia Capital Trail begins.
2004 The Virginia Capital Trail Foundation is established.
2005  The Virginia Capital Trail is recognized as part of the East Coast Greenway Corridor.
2006 Construction is completed on the Greenspring phase. 
2007 Construction is completed on the Chickahominy Riverfront phase.
2009 Construction is completed on the Charles City Courthouse phase.
2010 Construction is completed on Richmond Riverfront phase 1.
2014 Complete the Sherwood Forest phase.

*Complete the Varina, New Market Heights and Richmond Riverfront 2 & 3 phases.




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