Greenspring Phase

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The 2.8-mile Greenspring phase opened in November 2006. Take a 360 degree panoramic tour of the Greenspring phase here

It begins at Jamestown High School and continues to the beginning of the Colonial Parkway at the Jamestown Settlement.

This phase offers access between the school, neighborhoods, and part of the county's greenway system, as well as connecting the Greenspring settlement area, Mainland Farm, and the Jamestown settlement historic area.

Local history is highlighted through a series of interpretive panels located along the trail.

The trail also crosses a 40-acre wooded wetland, donated by the Williamsburg Land Conservancy. That wetland will be transferred to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for perpetual preservation as an urban wildlife area.

Cost: $4.1 million

Status: Complete

Visitors walk Greensprings Phase     Gov. Kaine walks Greensprings phase

Gov. Kaine (right) leads walkers down the Greenspring phase at the dedication.

A section of the Greensprings phase
A section of the Greenspring phase.

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