Under Construction: Route 778 bridge project, Amherst County

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The primary purpose of this project is to improve safety by replacing an inadequate structure and constructing necessary approaches. The connection at Route 617 will be relocated to properly secure guardrail to the bridge railing. The bridge will be constructed on existing alignment.

The current roadway consists of asphalt concrete with approximately 10-ft lanes and graded shoulders. The new roadway will consist of 11-ft lanes with partially paved shoulders and guardrail, where required. The new structure will be a steel rolled I-beam bridge approximately 108-ft long and 28-ft wide.


This project will improve safety by replacing an inadequate structure along a heavily traveled corridor.


Contact Info:

Brian Casto, P.E.
434-947-6559 or 800-367-7623

UPC: 101042

State ID: 0778-005-645, P101, R201, C501, B659

Federal ID: BR-005-3(118), BR-005-3(119), BR-005-3(120), BR-005-3(120)

Lat/Long: 37.654444, -79.103056

Locality: Amherst

Page last modified: July 24, 2019