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Route 501, L P Bailey Hwy, Passing Lane, Halifax County

Project at a Glance
$20.1 million

Lengths and Limits
1.9320 miles



Daniel Brown, PE

Project Description

The primary purpose of this project is to improve safety and operations by constructing passing lanes along an approximately 2-mile section of Route 501 near Route 610 in Halifax County, widening shoulders, including edgeline and centerline rumble stripes and adjusting the vertical alignment to address sight distance issues. During construction one lane of traffic will be maintained at all times with temporary lane closures using traffic control devices, including lane closures.

Route 501 is a primary route and the functional classification is Minor Arterial.

In 2016, the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) was 4667 vehicles with a projected Design Year ADT of 5881 vehicles in 2042. 

The new section of roadway will have two 12-foot travel lanes, one 12-foot passing lane, 8-foot shoulders with 4-foot paved and 4-foot ditches in areas requiring cut.

August 29, 2017 Design Public Hearing


Press Release

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