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Route 151 Corridor Study - Nelson County

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
December 2012

Est Completion Date
June 2013



Rick Youngblood, District Planner
434-856-8331 or 1-800-337-7623

Route 151 Corridor Final Report

Final Report 

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Study Background and Scope

The Route 151 Corridor Study will evaluate the operations and safety of approximately 14 miles of the Route 151 corridor in Nelson County.  The study area is bounded by the intersections of Route 151/Route 664 (Beech Grove Road) in the South and Route 151/US 250 in the North.  

For most of its length, Route 151 is a rural two-lane north-south Minor Arterial highway that provides residents with access to jobs, schools, recreation and shopping. Due to the close proximity of the George Washington National Forest and Wintergreen Resort, it also serves as an important tourist route, Scenic Virginia Byway, and designated bicycle route. In addition, bus service links the urbanized areas in the corridor. 

Although Nelson County is a sparsely populated rural community, it has experienced steady population growth and an increase in the number of vehicles within the Route 151 corridor. For more than a decade the corridor has been a viable shortcut for many commercial trucks traveling between I-64 and US Route 29, and this use has contributed to the increase in traffic on the corridor. 

The study will have three components: operations, safety and access management/multimodal. Intersection counts and operational analysis will be performed at a number of intersections to identify potential improvements to enhance operations. 

Given the crash history of the corridor, safety is a critical consideration of the study. Using current crash data, a field visit will be conducted to 13 intersections to identify contributing factors to crashes with a goal of identifying potential mitigation measures. 

Access management techniques and multimodal (buses and cyclists) considerations will investigated as short-/mid- and long-term improvements are developed and analyzed. 

Link to Study Area Map

Study Area Map

The Intersections

The following intersections will be visited as part of this study.  The Route 151 intersection with:

  • Route 664 (Beech Grove Road)
  • Route 627 (Spruce Creek Lane)
  • Route 634 (Adial Road)
  • Route 613 (Rodes Farm Road)
  • Route 6 (River Road)
  • Route 635 (Old Rockfish Lane)
  • Route 635 (Greenfield Road) 
  • Route 729 (Creek Road-at store/gas station)
  • Route 784 (Bland Wade Lane)
  • Route 760 (Sunrise Drive)
  • Route 638 S (Avon Road)
  • Route 6 (Afton Mountain Road)/Route 638 N (Avon Road) and 
  • US Route 250 (Rockfish Gap Turnpike)


Public/Stakeholder Involvement

Public/Stakeholder input is essential to ensure that the concerns of agencies, organizations or individuals who have interest in or may be potentially impacted by changes to the Route 151 corridor are involved.  

The first of these meetings is scheduled for March 14, 2013 from 6-8 p.m. at the Rockfish Valley Community Center, 190 Rockfish School Lane, Afton, VA 22920.  

This meeting will be held to present the findings of the existing conditions operational analysis and in-field safety review, as well as seek public input.  

A second public meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16 from 6-8 p.m. at the Rockfish River Elementary School, 200 Chapel Hollow Road, Afton, VA 22920. The purpose of this meeting is to gather public comments on the findings of the analysis and draft recommendations prior to preparation of the final report.  


Materials from May 16, 2013 Public Involvement Meeting

Route 151 Corridor Presentation - Second Meeting  


Materials from March 14, 2013 Public Information Meeting

Route 151 Corridor Study Presentation

Route 151 Corridor Study Presentation - table materials


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