Recently Completed: Route 35 Bridge Replacement over Tarrara Creek

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The purpose of the project was to replace the existing structurally deficient bridge over Tarrara Creek. The original bridge was constructed in 1946.

The project was located in Southampton County just north of the town of Boykins. 


  • The new bridge has been raised to accommodate the required hydraulic clearances over the creek.
  • The roadway now consists of two 11 foot lanes, 3 foot shoulders, and 6 foot sidewalks with curbs to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.
  • The project also included guardrail improvements at the approaches to the bridge.

Major Milestones 

The Route 35 Bridge over Tarrara Creek was opened to traffic on Oct. 6, 2017 about two months ahead of the scheduled completion date in December. 


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Hampton Roads Communications

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Lat/Long: 36.588945, -77.200236

Locality: Southampton

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February 2017

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