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Route 35 Darden Bridge Replacement

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Est. Construction Begin: Fall 2014

Est Completion Date

Est. $9.4 million

Lengths and Limits
From 0.072 miles west of Southampton County Line to 0.364 miles west of Southampton County Line

Waterfront Marine Construction


Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads Communications

Project Description

The Meherrin Road and Darden Bridge are currently two lane facilities with an average daily volume of traffic of approximately 3,400 vehicles per day. The traffic volume is projected to increase to approximately 4,525 vehicles per day by the year 2036. The proposed improvements will not increase the capacity but will make significant safety improvements to this area.

The project consists of replacing the existing two lane steel truss bridge with a two lane structure with shoulders, grading, paving and drainage on the two lane asphalt approaches for approximately 630 feet. The current bridge was constructed in 1929 and is structurally deficient and weight restricted. VDOT strongly recommends closing the bridge during construction to save construction time and cost. There is a seven-mile detour planned via Route 58 & Business Route 58.

When VDOT prepared alternatives to this design, replacing the Nottoway Bridge at the same location with the same alignment was judged as being the most economical solution with the least environmental impact to the Nottoway River, adjacent wetlands and nearby utilities. Construction of the bridge on a parallel location will greatly increase construction costs, right-of-way costs and create larger adverse environmental impacts. The preferred bridge alternative selected must be considered the least environmentally damaging practicable alternative (LEDPA) for the US Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with authorization under the Clean Water Act.

Project Update

A design/location public hearing was held on Feb. 7, 2013. The contract for the design and construction of the project was awarded to Waterfront Marine Construction on Oct. 17, 2013, at an estimated construction cost of $9.4 million. 

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