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Bridge Replacement Over West Ridge Creek

at Tangier

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Hampton Roads

Kristopher Purzycki


  • Rte. 1306 is a Rural Local Road in Accomack County serving residents on Tangier Island.
  • Currently, the bridge is 45' long and 9' wide with a 7.0 sufficiency rating. 
  • A 2004 traffic count shows 543 vehicles a day with 0% truck traffic at this location.


The purpose of this project is to replace either portions of or the entire bridge over the West Ridge Creek and rebuild the approach roadways as necessary for the bridge work. The structure is classified as structurally deficient.  

Current standards and office practice specifies that this bridge can be replaced in-kind for width given this ADT. Depending upon the repairs selected, the proposed bridge will be either the same length or approximately 4’ longer.


The bridge will be constructed using a total closure or possibly an alignment shift that would entail building a new structure as close as possible to the existing one, shifting traffic and then demolishing the existing structure. The project is scheduled for advertisement in July 2015 but is not yet funded for construction. The construction date is likely to move into 2019 or 2020. There are other structures on the deficient bridge list that could take priority over this structure further pushing out the construction. The project will take approximately 18 months to complete.  

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