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Route 58 Concrete Rehabilitation Project

Southampton County

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Begin Date
Late May 2012

Est Completion Date
Late September 2012

$7.9 million

Lengths and Limits
5.1 miles

Hi-Way Paving, Inc.


Hampton Roads

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Project Summary

The Route 58 Concrete Rehabilitation Project, which began near the end of May and ended in early October, will add life expectancy to the existing roadway. Construction updated drainage and shoulder structures as well as the existing signage and road markings.

Current Status

Update: (October 9, 2012) Construction on Route 58 is complete and all lanes are open to traffic.

Previous Updates:

(August 24, 2012): Crews are paving the portion of Route 58 west of Southampton High School according to Phase 3 of the project. At the other end of the project, near Capron, Phase 1 is proceeding on schedule. Both phases, and the end of the construction as part of this project, are still expected to be completed in late September. 

(August 14, 2012): With the completion of Phase 2, crews have begun work on Phases 1 & 3, which were rescheduled to reduce impact on school bus routes. During Phase 1, a one-third mile segment through the intersection of Routes 58 and 653 is undergoing a complete, full-depth reconstruction. Taking place at the same time, Phase 3 construction has begun near Southampton High School and proceeds west for 2.6 miles. Both phases are expected to be completed by the end of September.

(July 19, 2012): Construction is progressing according to schedule. Guardrails, signs, and road markings will be placed over the course of next week. Also taking place next week, the median barrier wall separating lanes will be removed. Phases 1 and 3 are expected to begin in early August.

Phase 2 has begun with lane closures in both east and west bound directions. Speed reductions are scheduled for early next week ahead of a total closure of westbound lanes. At that time, westbound traffic will be diverted to the northern eastbound lane. Speeds will be reduced from 60 to 50 mph. Signs will be posted urging motorists to be aware of sudden stops due to right-turning traffic.

Traffic is reduced to a single lane in both directions. Construction crews have placed the median barrier wall between eastbound lanes on Route 58 in preparation of westbound lane closures scheduled to take place early next week. At that time, both westbound lanes will be closed and all westbound traffic will be diverted into the northern eastbound lane as part of Phase 2 of the project.

Project Details

The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate the existing concrete pavement in the westbound lanes of Route 58 from Route 653 in Capron to 0.75 miles west of Route 35 near Courtland in Southampton County, Virginia. The length of this project is approximately 5.1 miles.

Designed to take place in three separate phases, the project consists of full-depth reconstruction as well as patching and overlaying of the existing roadway foundation with asphalt cement. 

Please note: Phase 2 is now being conducted first to reduce the impact on school bus routes during the school year.

Phase 1 (Ongoing)

  • Scheduled for late July through late September
  • Runs concurrently with Phase 3
  • One-third mile of Route 58 will be undergo a complete eleven-inch reconstruction

Phase 2 (Completed)

  • Began at the end of May and will run through the end of July
  • 2.2 miles of Route 58 will receive a seven-inch unbonded concrete overlay. 
  • Two eastbound lanes are reduced to one
  • Both westbound lanes merge and are diverted into northern eastbound lane
  • Temporary road built for local traffic built along northern side of Route 58

Phase 3 (Ongoing)

  • Scheduled alongside Phase 1, Phase 3 runs from the end of July through the end of September
  • 2.6 miles of Route 58 will receive a four-inch bonded concrete overlay
  • Two eastbound lanes are reduced to one
  • Both westbound lanes merge and are diverted into northern eastbound lane
  • Temporary road built for local traffic built along northern side of Route 58

The project will also include updated roadway signs and road markings throughout. Protective structures such as guardrails and shoulders will be improved and constructed of material similar to the concrete overlay.

Further Information

For information regarding concrete overlays, please consult the Guide to Concrete Overlays, published by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (2008).

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