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Route 17 Cold-in-Place Paving Project

Isle of Wight County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
May 2012

Est Completion Date
June 2013

$5.8 Million

Lengths and Limits
Route 17 from the James River Bridge to the Crittenden Bridge/Suffolk Line

Virginia Paving

Isle of Wight

Hampton Roads

James Poff

About the Project:

Due to heavy traffic loads, the roadway foundation in this particular stretch of  Route 17 needs to be replaced. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has two methods when rehabilitating state roadways; the first, a traditional method, involves either placing an overlay on top of an existing pavement or milling out the portion that is deteriorated and placing an overlay.

The second and newest innovative method is termed cold-in-place pavement recycling. This method involves removing the multiple layers of existing deteriorated pavement, combining the same materials in a stabilizing agent (usually foamed asphalt or asphalt emulsion) and relaying it back on the same section of road. This process can be handled by either one or two machines that perform all three operations (milling, stabilizing, repaving) in a single pass.

The upcoming project will repave Route 17 from the James River Bridge to the Crittenden Bridge/Suffolk Line, approximately 4.8 miles, spanning four lanes.This project began in late May 2012.

Project Details

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Video About Process

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Project Update

On March 7, deep milling operations were completed and the contractor submitted to VDOT district leadership their current schedule and plan for the project moving forward.  Maintenance and other ongoing surface repairs to the riding surface will continue through the month of April.  With warmer temperatures, beginning in April the contractor will begin placing the final asphalt surface in the northbound lane followed by surfacing of the southbound lane in late April and May. Pavement markings, guardrail upgrades, and other incidentals will complete the project by the end of June 2013.

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