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Military Highway Continuous Flow Intersection


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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
August 2016

Est Completion Date
Early August 2018

$59.8 million

Corman Construction-E.V. Williams JV in association with Parsons Transportation Group


Hampton Roads

VDOT Communications

Project Overview

Construction of the new Military Highway Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) will combine the addition of new lanes, new signals and new traffic management technology to increase capacity and reduce congestion along this important corridor in Norfolk.

The project will increase through-traffic capacity at Military Highway and Northampton Boulevard in Norfolk with a high-capacity intersection design.

Left-turning vehicles will be moved away from the main intersection into dedicated turn lanes, eliminating conflicts with opposing traffic.

The project also includes:

• The widening of Military Highway from a four-lane roadway to an eight-lane divided roadway from Lowery Road to Broad Creek.
• The widening of Military Highway from a four-lane roadway to a six-lane divided roadway from Broad Creek to Robin Hood Road.
• Widening Northampton Boulevard and Princess Anne Road from four-lane divided roadways to six-lane divided roadways.

What is a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI)?

A CFI is an at-grade, high-capacity intersection design that moves left turning vehicles away from the main intersection.

Vehicles turning left will cross over through traffic and funnel into dedicated turn lanes at a signalized location several hundred feet upstream of the main intersection.

These left turning vehicles can then proceed through the main intersection at the same time as opposing through vehicles without conflict at the main intersection.

Eliminating the dedicated left turn phase improves the efficiency of the main intersection.

Intersection safety is increased by minimizing stop-and-go conditions and reducing the number of conflict points at the main intersection.

Federal studies show crash rates are reduced by almost 25 percent at intersections where a CFI has been installed.

How will the CFI work at this intersection?

How will the CFI work?

1 Motorists on Military Highway turning left onto Northampton Blvd or Princess Anne Rd will cross over into dedicated left-turn lanes before the main intersection.

2 Left-turning cars can proceed through the main intersection at the same time as cars proceeding straight through the intersection.

3 Cars going straight or turning right will proceed through the intersection as usual.

Click here to download a PDF version of the map. 

Travel Impacts

The Continuous Flow Intersection opened to motorists on Saturday, July 28. Motorists are advised to follow all signage and play attention to new traffic patterns. 

Lane Closures

Alternating single-lane closures will be from August 1 – 31 from 9 a.m. -  3 p.m. and from 7 p.m. - 5 a.m. the following morning. One lane will remain open at all times on:

  • Military Highway between Valley Drive and Lynn Street.
  • Princess Anne Road between Sigmon Street and Military Highway.
  • Northampton Boulevard between Military Highway and past USAA Drive.
  • Robin Hood Road between Military Highway and Miller Store Road.

Project Safety

The Virginia Department of Transportation, the city of Norfolk and the Corman-E.V. Williams joint venture are committed to work zone safety.

Paying close attention and avoiding distractions are key to avoiding a work zone accident.

These tips will help you safety navigate this project area:

• Follow signs: Keep an eye out for workers and signs directing you.
• Don’t tailgate: Unexpected stops may occur.
• Minimize distractions: Avoid using cell phones or adjusting radio stations.
• Don’t speed: Enhanced fines may be levied for speeding.
• Know before you go: Stay updated on project activities by calling 511 for up-to-the-minute traffic and weather information, or by visiting

Project Updates

To receive project updates, email Shelby Frank.

Noise Analysis Report

Final Noise Abatement Design Report (June 2016)

Sep 10, 2014, Design Public Hearing

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Jan 8, 2014, Citizen Information Meeting

Citizen Information Meeting brochure

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Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI)

Military Highway Traffic with Continuous Flow Intersection

VDOT: Military Highway Traffic without Continuous Flow Intersection

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