Coming Soon: Route 13 (Lankford Highway) Safety Improvements

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is planning safety improvements on Route 13 (Lankford Highway) in Accomack County. The improvements will include the intersection with Route 695 (New Temperanceville Road/Saxis Road) and the intersection with Route 175 (Chincoteague Road).

Route 13 (Lankford Highway) Safety Improvements

(Above: Lankford Highway, south of Chincoteague Road in Accomack County)


The improvements will enhance safety in the corridor and create an efficient system to support a robust economy for residents in Accomack County.

Lankford Highway and Chincoteague Road:

The purpose of the project is to improve safety by installing curbs and reducing access points at the intersection of Lankford Highway and Chincoteague Road.

Lankford Highway and New Temperanceville Road/Saxis Road:

The purpose of the project is to improve safety by lengthening turning lanes, permanently closing access to Lankford Highway at Old Temperanceville Road and installing a traffic signal at New Temperancville Road.


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

Phase: Pre-construction

Lat/Long: 37.945385, -75.540420

Locality: Accomack

Page last modified: Sept. 6, 2019