Coming Soon: I-264 Berkley Bridge Gates Replacement

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The Berkley Bridge opened in 1952 and is part of the I-264 Downtown Tunnel complex crossing the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River and connecting the South Hampton Roads cities of Portsmouth and Norfolk.The bridge also merges I-464 traffic traveling from Chesapeake with I-264 traffic in the City of Norfolk. 

In 1991, the bridge was expanded to eight lanes with a pedestrian walkway on the eastern side. An average of 55,000 vehicles cross this double leaf drawbridge daily. 

This project will remove and replace the existing warning gates that are deployed and lowered during a bridge opening to accommodate ships passing through the channel. It will also include the addition of new gates in both directions to meet new standards. 

In addition, this project will include expansion of existing support platforms and fabrication of new platforms to support the new gates. Most of the structural work on the existing and new platforms will be accomplished from a river barge and should not impact roadway travel. The project also includes bikeway and pedestrian gates, warning gongs, new field terminal cabinets, junction boxes, conduits and wiring for new electrical and communications. 




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