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Design Considerations


The proposed location for the new tunnel crossing is about 250 feet away from the existing westbound tunnel.


This matches the distance between the existing eastbound and westbound tubes. It allows for the excavation and placement of the new tunnel without impacting the existing tunnels while also providing flexibility in the future should the existing tubes need to be replaced.

While it may be possible to place a two-lane tunnel between the existing tunnels, it is likely that the existing tunnels would be disturbed during the process.

It also creates major complications if any of the tubes has to be replaced in the future.

Use of a tunnel-boring machine is not likely a practical solution as the regional soils are not conducive to boring due to the looseness of the upper layers.

If tunnel boring were utilized, the tunnel would need to be much lower than the existing tunnels to provide adequate cover. This increased depth would result in a significantly longer tunnel.

Given those considerations it is recommended that the new tunnel be placed as shown in the proposed alignments.



While most of the structures over roads can be widened to the inside, the majority of structures over water will have to be widened to the outside.

The necessity for outside widening is mostly due to the size and amount of the equipment required to drive the large piles 





The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) held two citizen information meetings in December 2008 on possible Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) congestion solutions.

Transportation officials outlined the Draft Expansion Feasibility Study of the Hampton Roads crossing on Interstate 64 and presented several preliminary concepts for the expansion of the interstate network.  Bristol area projects Salem area projects Staunton area projects Lynchburg area projects Culpeper area projects Richmond area projects Northern Virginia projects Fredericksburg area projects Hampton Roads projects

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