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Courthouse Road Turn Lanes (Route 258)

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Advertisement in July 2016

Lengths and Limits
From 0.19 miles west of Route 620 to 0.19 miles east of Route 620.

Isle of Wight

Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads Communications

Project Description

The project is located in Isle of Wight County just west of the town of Smithfield. The county has a population of 35,270. Route 258 is a major link between Smithfield and Windsor and carries about 5100 vehicles per day.

The current average daily traffic (ADT) is 5,100 vehicles with 6% trucks. The ADT is projected to be 6,100 vehicles per day in design year 2033. The existing right of way is fifty (50) feet. The posted speed limit is 55 MPH.

The purpose of the project is to improve the safety of the intersection of Route 620 with Route 258 by providing improved sight distances and adding left and right turn lanes on Route 258. Route to 258 will be widened to accommodate these new turn lanes and the widening will be on the Scotts Factory Road side of the highway in order to impact the least number of residential properties. A strip of the wooded land along Route 258 south of Scotts Factory Road will be cleared of trees to improve the sight distance for vehicles on Scotts Factory Road stopped at the intersection. No Traffic signals will be required at the intersection. Also included in the project are paving four feet of the shoulders on Rte. 258, improving the roadside ditches and adding basins to treat the storm water run-off.

Access to all properties will be maintained during construction. Potential impacts to the flood plains will be evaluated and addressed on this project.

No detour or road closure has been scheduled for this project.

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