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Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study

City of Chesapeake
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Begin Date
February 2018

Est Completion Date
Early 2020


Hampton Roads

Holly Christopher

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), has initiated the environmental review process for the preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate potential transportation improvements at the Bowers Hill interchange.  The Bowers Hill interchange includes a confluence of I-664, I-64, I-264, U.S. Route 460, U.S. Route 58, U.S. Route 13 and Jolliff Road (VA Route 191).

The project study will identify potential short-term and long-term operational improvements. The study boundary limits will be informed by scoping and refined through the course of the study.

Virtual Public Involvement Opportunity

VDOT invites the public, in person and online, to review and comment on proposed alternatives for improving the Bowers Hill Interchange in Chesapeake.

VDOT is studying two alternatives based on information gathered from a detailed assessment of potential environmental impacts and input from two previous public meetings.

Location Public Hearing Held on May 9, 2019

A Public Hearing for the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study was held at Joliff Middle School in Chesapeake on May 9. 

VDOT presented the following materials at the May 9 meeting:

Public Comment

The public comment period closed on Sunday, May 19, 2019. 

Environmental Assessment & Technical Reports

On April 4, 2019, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signed and approved for public availability the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study Environmental Assessment (EA) which can be viewed in the links below. 

Environmental Assessment:

Technical Reports:

Virtual Presentation/Citizen Information Meeting

Virtual Meeting: Video and Survey

Citizens are invited to watch the video presentation posted below, which explains three conceptual alternatives for improvements at the Bowers Hill Interchange, and take an online survey to submit their comments by clicking here

VDOT hosted a Citizen Information Meeting as follows to present the purpose and need for the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study as well as solicit citizen input on conceptual plans for improving the Bowers Hill Interchange in Chesapeake:

Citizen Information Meeting: In-person Presentation and Discussion

August 22, 2018, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Jolliff Middle School

1021 Jolliff Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23321

Citizen Information Meeting Materials/Public Comment Opportunity

Meeting Materials

The following materials will be presented at the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study Citizen Information Meeting: 

Study Introduction and Welcome

Study Purpose and Need

Existing Conditions at the Bowers Hill Interchange

Improvement Concept 1: Optimize Lane Balance

Improvement Concept 2: Eastbound and Westbound Route 58 Braided Ramps

Improvement Concept 3: Full Interchange Reconstruction

Next Steps in the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study

Other Studies and/or Projects near the Bowers Hill Interchange

Interim Improvements at the Bowers Hill Interchange

Virtual Scoping Meeting: May 10-June 9, 2018

You can help change your commute. Watch the video to begin participating in the Virtual Scoping Meeting. Read the release about the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study and Virtual Scoping Process here

Stay Involved

Want to be on our mailing list for the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study? Send a message to with "Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements" in the subject line.  We'll send updates about additional opportunities for citizen involvement. 

Multiple opportunities for public feedback and involvement in the development of the study will be provided. VDOT, in coordination with FHWA, will solicit public and agency comments through public scoping and informational meeting.  The study website will continue to be updated with upcoming meeting information as it becomes available.  Meeting times and locations will also be advertised.

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