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Route 608 (Benchmark Road) Emergency Road Repair and Culvert Installation

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Begin Date
Feb. 12, 2018

Est Completion Date
June 5, 2018

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Estimated $1 million

W.C. Spratt, Inc.



Abdoul Koura-Bodji, P.E. Area Construction Engineer
(540) 899-4288
Darragh Frye, VDOT Communications Coordinator
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Benchmark Road Now Open: June 4, 2018

Route 608 (Benchmark Road) in Spotsylvania has re-opened to through traffic between Route 17 and Mine Road. The emergency road repair and culvert installation was completed on schedule.

On the evening of Monday, June 4, crews finished applying fresh pavement markings and removed the barricades that had been in place since Feb. 12, 2018.

Message boards posted on surrounding roads will remain in place for several days to notify drivers that Benchmark Road is open to through traffic.

Project Details

Route 608 (Benchmark Road) in Spotsylvania County is closed to traffic between Route 17 and Mine Road for an emergency repair.

The road was closed on Feb. 12, 2018, for motorist safety after intense rain caused the roadway over three drainage pipes to fail. 

The rainwater opened up a hole along the pavement edge measuring 5 feet wide, 14 feet long, and 8 feet deep.   

The three drainage pipes underneath the road have also deteriorated and must be replaced. The existing drainage pipes are made from corrugated metal. Each pipe measures 8 feet high by 13.5 feet wide and is 38 feet long.

The road is anticipated to be closed until June 5, 2018.

The contractor was offered a financial incentive to re-open the road by May 25, 2018.

Read the news release about the closure.

Construction Update: May 25, 2018

Work remains on schedule to re-open Benchmark Road to traffic by the project completion date of Tuesday, June 5.

Project contractor W.C. Spratt has replaced the three existing culverts, each measuring 10 feet high by 12 feet wide.

Crews are preparing the site for new asphalt pavement and installing updated structure railing and guardrail.

Construction Update: March 16, 2018

Fabrication work is nearly complete to create the 3 precast concrete culverts needed to replace the existing pipes on Benchmark Road.

VDOT worked directly with a Fredericksburg area-based concrete manufacturer, OldCastle Precast, to fabricate the culverts to fit the exact dimensions of the location. Due to their large size, as pictured above, culverts must be fabricated specially for this location. Manufacturing of the culvert is expected to be underway until late March-early April.

The contractor installing the new culverts, W.C. Spratt, expects to mobilize in the work zone on Monday, April 2, 2018. Motorists will observe more activity in the work zone site after April 2.

Construction will be accomplished in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Massaponax Creek will be diverted into one culvert, while other two culverts are replaced.

Phase 2: Massaponax Creek will be diverted into the two newly installed culverts while the remaining culvert is replaced. 

Complete: The road is expected to re-open to traffic by June 5, 2018. All new concrete culverts are installed, providing an improved structure with a longer service life and increased flow capacity, which deters undermining.

Plan sheet - Phase 1

Plan sheet - Phase 2

Plan sheet - Project completed

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will it take 4 months to repair the road, and re-open it to traffic?

Three box culverts made of pre-cast concrete will be installed at Massaponax Creek to replace the existing pipes.

VDOT worked directly with a concrete manufacturer to fabricate the culverts to fit the exact dimensions of the location. Due to their large size, culverts must be fabricated specially for this location. Each culvert measures 10 feet high by 12 feet wide, and will be approximately 38 feet long.

The manufacturer must create the form for the culverts and pour concrete into the form. The concrete must cure and be tested for strength to ensure traffic can safely travel over the culverts. The fabrication and curing process is estimated to take 4-6 weeks.

While the culverts are being fabricated, VDOT is using emergency procurement methods to hire a contractor. The contractor will remove the existing deteriorated pipes and pavement on Benchmark Road to prepare the work site. The contractor will also install environmental protection methods to work near Massaponax Creek and keep creek water flowing throughout construction.

Once the culverts are fabricated and delivered to Benchmark Road, the installation process is expected to take an estimated 8 weeks. Benchmark Road will be paved with fresh asphalt over the repaired area when work is complete.

The project contract provides a financial incentive to the contractor to re-open the road by May 25, 2018. The project must be completed by June 5, 2018.

How will VDOT plan for extra traffic traveling on the detour route?

VDOT is monitoring traffic on the official detour routes of Route 2 and Tidewater Trail to determine if timing adjustments are needed at traffic signals on these routes.

Motorists may choose to use additional alternate routes that are not part of the official detour route. VDOT will monitor roads in the vicinity of Benchmark Road throughout the project for additional maintenance, such as pothole repair.

How much traffic travels on Benchmark Road?

An average of 5,100 vehicles a day travel Benchmark Road between Route 17 and Mine Road.

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