Coming Soon: Route 1 and Woodstock Lane and Route 1 and Telegraph Road Intersection Improvements


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Two intersection improvements are planned on Route 1 in Stafford County's Telegraph Road area to improve safety and reduce crashes.

The project is currently in the preliminary engineering phase. This project will be locally administered by Stafford County.

A design public hearing is anticipated to be held in 2019. 

Route 1 and Telegraph Road

Permanent traffic signal equipment will be installed at the southern intersection of Route 1 and Telegraph Road in Stafford County, just north of the Aquia Creek bridge. Telegraph Road will be realigned to intersect with Route 1 at a more direct approach to the signal.

Two left turn lanes will be built from Telegraph Road onto Route 1 southbound, and a right turn lane from Telegraph Road onto Route 1 northbound.

Route 1 will be slightly widened to provide space needed to receive Telegraph Road traffic turning left.

A right turn lane would be built on Route 1 northbound for traffic turning onto Telegraph Road.

Route 1 and Woodstock Lane

Slighly north of the improvements at Route 1 and Telegraph Road, additional intersection improvements would occur at Route 1 and Woodstock Lane.

A slotted left turn lane would be built on Route 1 southbound for traffic turning left onto Woodstock Lane.

A raised median would be built on Route 1 to prevent vehicles exiting Woodstock Lane from turning left.

A future traffic signal could be built at this intersection, but it is not currently part of this project.


  • Reduces crash risk, and resulting risk of injuries and fatalties, at both intersections


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Phase: Preliminary Engineering

Lat/Long: 38.475103, -77.393759

Locality: Stafford

Page last modified: May 8, 2019