Proposed: Route 17 at Route 216 (Guinea Road) Intersection Improvements

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This proposed project is being funded with federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funds.

Several commercial entrances along Route 17 northbound would become right-turn-in only, directing emerging traffic to use the main York River Crossing shopping center exit at the traffic signal.

Along Route 17 southbound, the northernmost entrance to the Hayes Plaza shopping center would close, directing traffic to use the main signalized entrance and exit.

On Guinea Road, the existing concrete median would be slightly shifted to allow for construction of a dedicated left turn lane and dedicated through lane for traffic approaching Route 17. The project would retain a dedicated right turn lane.


  • Improves safety by reducing conflicts points near the intersection, which will reduce the crash risk for motorists and pedestrians.



Contact Info:

Curtis Holloway, Project Manager

Tina Bundy

Major funding source: Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds

Phase: Proposed

UPC: 113413

State ID: 0017-036-617,P101,R201

Lat/Long: 37.276600, -76.500230

Locality: Gloucester

Page last modified: July 28, 2020