Map of construction project districts

Under Construction

Districtwide Flashing Yellow Arrow Project

Caroline, Essex, King George, Lancaster, Middlesex, Richmond, Spotsylvania and Stafford counties

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
February 2018

Est Completion Date
November 2018

Under Construction

$1.2 million

Ardent Company, LLC

Caroline, Essex, King George, Lancaster, Middlesex, Richmond, Spotsylvania, and Stafford


Robert Ridgell, P.E., Area Construction Engineer
(540) 899-4288
Kelly Hannon, Communications Manager
(540) 374-3344

Project Information and Locations

Flashing yellow arrows will be installed at 33 traffic signals around the Fredericksburg District to help drivers turn left safely against oncoming traffic.

Traffic signal equipment will be fitted with flashing yellow arrows by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and its contractor at intersections beginning late February and will finish in November of 2018.

All signal work will occur during overnight hours. Traffic will be able to pass through the intersection during each installation. Motorists can anticipate single lane closures between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. for two consecutive evenings while signal work is underway. Virginia State Police will assist with traffic control in the work zone.


Weather permitting, crews will begin on Rt. 3 and Rt. 200 in Lancaster County on Sunday, Feb. 25 and Monday, Feb. 26.

Additional locations to be scheduled:


Rt. 207/Rogers Clark Boulevard and Rt. F-160/Welcome Way Dr. at the entrance to the Truck Stop

Rt. 207/Rogers Clark Boulevard and Rt. 799/Enterprise Pkwy.


Rt. 17/Church Lane and Rt. 627/Airport Rd.


Rt. 17 and Route 1206 (Lafayette Heights Drive Intersection)

Rt. 17/Rt. 1240 (Okee Drive) and Rt. 1208 (Greate Road)


Rt. 3/Kings Hwy. at entrance to King George County Citizen Center

Rt. 3/Kings Hwy. at Rt. 205/James Monroe Hwy. and Rt. 630/Leedstown Rd.


Rt. 3 at Rt. 200 North/Church St.

Rt. 3 at Rt. 200 South/Irvington Rd.

Rt. 200/Irvington Rd. at Rt. 688/James B. Jones Memorial Highway/Rt. 1036 (Harris Rd.)


Rt. 33/General Puller Hwy. at Rt. 227/Urbanna Rd. and Rt. 641/Old Courthouse Rd.


Rt. 3 and Rt. 360 East Bypass/Warsaw


Rt. 2/Rt. 17 Business/Tidewater Trail at Rt. 608/Benchmark Rd.

Rt. 2/Rt. 17 Business/Tidewater Trail at Rt. 1303/Mansfield St. and Shannon Park Dr.

Rt. 2/Rt. 17 Business/Tidewater Trail at Rt. 756/Lee Hill Dr. and Rt. 756/Joseph Mills Dr.

Rt. 208/Courthouse Rd. at Rt. 629/Foster Rd., Entrance to Courthouse Road Elementary School

Rt. 208/Courthouse Rd. at Rt. 1187/Breezewood Dr. and Rt. 1223/Woodland Dr.

Rt. 208/Courthouse Rd. at Rt. 1118/Stoney Creek Dr., Entrance to Wawa

Rt. 620/Harrison Rd. at Rt. 706/Cherry Rd. and Rt. 1147/Green Arbor Dr.

Rt. 639/Salem Church Rd. and Rt. 775/General Seemes Rd.

Rt. 639/Leavells Rd. at Rt. 1475/Salem Station Blvd., Entrance to Battlefield Middle School

Rt. 639/Leavells Rd. and Entrance to Loriella Park


Rt. 1/Jefferson Davis Hwy. at Rt. 628/American Legion Rd. and Rt. 628/Eskimo Hill Rd.

Rt. 1/Jefferson Davis Hwy. at Rt. 2188/Port Aquia Dr., Entrance to St. William of York Church

Rt. 1/Jefferson Davis Hwy. at Acadia St.

Rt. 3/Kings Hwy. and Rt. 607/Cool Springs Rd. and Rt. 607/Jett Dr.

Rt. 17/Warrenton Rd. and Rt. 705/Hartwood Rd.

Rt. 610/Garrisonville Rd. and Rt. 1205/Patton Dr. , Entrance to Mt. Ararat Church

Rt. 610/Garrisonville Rd. and Rt. 1208/Furnace Rd and Tech Pkwy.

Rt. 684/Staffordboro Blvd. and Commuter Lot, Entrance to Stafford Marketplace Shopping Center

Rt. 684/Mine Rd. and Commuter Lot

Rt. 684/Mine Rd. and Rt. 1482/Northampton Blvd.

Rt. 1706/Plantation Dr. and Rt. 2030/Lyons Blvd. and Gladstone Rd.

Rt. 8900/Centreport Pkwy and I-95 Southbound On- and Off-Ramps at Exit 136

Rt. 8900/Centreport Pkwy and I-95 Northbound On- and Off-Ramps at Exit 136

What Drivers Will See

Signal heads at these intersections will display four arrows. The new flashing yellow arrow informs drivers that they have permission to make a left turn when it is safe to do so, but that oncoming traffic has the right-of-way. 

Deciding whether to turn left against oncoming traffic is among the most challenging and high-risk decisions for drivers, according to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). Motorists must assess the speed and distance of the approaching traffic as they make the decision to turn left. 

The research program initiated a study that assessed how drivers interpret symbols and signs for left turns, and found that a flashing yellow arrow was safer, better understood, and obeyed more frequently. 

VDOT has created a video demonstrating how to drive through a signal with a flashing yellow signal, available for viewing online at VDOT’s YouTube channel,

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