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Fredericksburg Projects

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I-95 Express Lanes Fredericksburg Extension
Stafford County

I-95 Express Lanes Southern Extension
Operational improvements in Stafford County

I-95 Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing
I-95 Southbound between Exit 130 (Route 3) and Exit 133 (Route 17)

Under Construction

Districtwide Flashing Yellow Arrow Project
Caroline, Essex, King George, Lancaster, Middlesex, Richmond, Spotsylvania and Stafford counties

I-95 Bridge Rehabilitation: Stafford and Spotsylvania

Interstate 95 / Route 630 (Courthouse Road) Interchange Relocation and Route 630 Widening

Interstate 95 Safety Improvements at Route 3 (Exit 130)
City of Fredericksburg

Route 14 at Mathews Courthouse

Route 17 (Mills Drive) and Route 609 (Thornton Rolling Road and Jim Morris Road) Intersection Improvements

Route 17 Southbound Turn Lane at Brays Point Road and Pedestrian Improvements on Route 216 (Guinea Road), Route 1216 (Hayes Road), and Route 1219 (Hook Road)

Route 3 at Robert O. Norris Bridge Painting Project

Route 3 Emergency Pipe Repair at Laton Swamp
Richmond County

Route 301 Bridge Rehabilitation
James Madison Memorial Bridge

Route 606 (Mudd Tavern Road) I-95 Overpass Replacement and Road Improvements East of I-95
I-95, Exit 118/Thornburg

Route 608 (Benchmark Road) Emergency Road Repair and Culvert Installation

Coming Soon

Governor Harry W. Nice Bridge Replacement
Route 301 - Maryland Transportation Authority Project

King and Queen County Business Telework Center

New Saluda Residency Office Building
Temporary Location in Town of Urbanna

Park & Ride Lot at Route 1 and Commonwealth Drive

Rappahannock Community College Site Access Improvements

Route 1 Improvements at Stafford Courthouse

Route 1 Turn Lane at Potomac Creek Drive
Stafford County

Route 1/Woodstock Lane and Route 1/Telegraph Road
Safety Improvements

Route 17 Business/Route 14/Route 3 Intersection Improvements
Gloucester County

Route 17 Corridor Improvements at Tappahannock

Route 17 Overpass Replacement and Widening
Spotsylvania County

Route 17 Southbound Pedestrian Improvements at Gloucester Point

Route 17 Traffic Signal Coordination and Signal System Upgrades
George P. Coleman Bridge to Route 17/Route 17 Business

Route 17/Route 17 Business Intersection
Gloucester County

Route 3 Business (Chatham Bridge) Bridge Superstructure Replacement

Route 3 Passing Lanes between Potomac Mills and Flat Iron

Route 30/Route 360 Intersection Improvement

Route 606 (Ferry Road) Intersection Improvements

Route 606 (Mudd Tavern Road), West of Interstate 95

Route 639 (Ladysmith Road) Widening

Route 658 (Mount Olive Road) Bridge Replacement

Virginia Central Railway Trail Bridge


Fredericksburg Area Congestion Relief Study
Evaluation of Conceptual Alternatives

Robert O. Norris Bridge Concept Study

Route 3 and Route 17 Business Corridor Studies
City of Fredericksburg

Route 3 Corridor Transportation Plan
Spotsylvania County

Route 3 Study (King George, Westmoreland, Richmond and Lancaster)

Route 301 and Route 207 Corridor Study
King George County and Caroline County


None at this time.

Recently Completed

Fall Hill Avenue Widening and I-95 Bridge Replacement
City of Fredericksburg

Main Street Sidewalk Repair
Town of Bowling Green

Route 1 and Route 620 (Harrison Road) Intersection Improvements
Project will improve Route 1 and Harrison Road intersection in Spotsylvania County

Route 1 and Route 632 (Hickory Ridge Road)
Intersection Improvements

Route 1 and Telegraph Road Intersection Improvement

Route 1 at Aquia Creek
Bridge Replacement

Route 1 Bridge Over Hazel Run Rehabilitation Project in the City of Fredericksburg
Crews mobilize, construction underway to improve bridge condition

Route 1, Route 17 Business, and Route 218 (Butler Road)
Falmouth Intersection Improvement Project

Route 1/Route 606 (Mudd Tavern Road) Intersection Improvements

Route 1003 (Chelsea Road) Bridge Replacement
Mattaponi River Branch

Route 1234 (Spotsylvania Avenue) Turn Lane Project at Route 636 (Mine Road)
Spotsylvania County

Route 17 Northbound Turn Lane at Town Bridge Road

Route 17 Reconstruction
Essex County

Route 17 Widening, Stafford County
McLane Drive to 0.2 miles north of Stafford Lakes Parkway

Route 198 (Dutton Road) Bridge Rehabilitation
Harper's Creek

Route 200 Sidewalk Construction

Route 205 (James Monroe Highway) Bridge Replacement at Mattox Creek
Westmoreland County

Route 205 and Route 631 (Longfield Road) Intersection Reconstruction

Route 206 Turn Lanes at Route 218/Route 624

Route 218 Paving and Safety Improvements

Route 3 Business/Route 360 Intersection Pedestrian Improvements

Route 301 Northbound Turn Lane Extension

Route 360 Turn Lanes at Academic Lane

Route 608 (Massaponax Church Road) Improvements
Spotsylvania County

Route 610 (Garrisonville Road) and Route 641 (Onville Road) Intersection Improvement

Route 614 (Hickory Fork Road) Widening

Route 625 (Salem Church Road) Reconstruction

Route 627 (Gordon Road) Commuter Parking Lot Expansion
Spotsylvania County

Route 628 (Smith Station Road), Turn Lanes and Signal Modification

Route 662 (Allmondsville Road) Bridge Replacement Project over Fox Creek

Route 721 (Newtown Road) Bridge Replacement

Route 722 (Nelson Hill Road) Bridge Rehabilitation

Signal Upgrades in Caroline and King George
Intersections of Route 17 and Route 301, and Route 206 and Route 218

In Design

None at this time.
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