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Route 661 (Schoolhouse Road), Fauquier County

Intersection improvements; addition of bicycle/pedestrian facilities
Project at a Glance
Begin Date
February 20, 2017

Est Completion Date
May 8, 2017

Recently Completed

$1.78 million total cost; $653,879.68 construction contract

Lengths and Limits
0.15 mile; from Route 1060 (Meadfield Drive) to Route 1070 (Torrie Way)

General Excavation Inc. of Warrenton



Office of Communications

The Route 661 (Schoolhouse Road) intersection improvement project was completed on May 8, 2017.

The project finished just over three months ahead of its scheduled August 11, 2017 contractual completion date.

VDOT's contractor coordinated with local residents, Cedar Lee Middle School administration and other stakeholders to close a 300-foot segment of the roadway for about two months and worked under flagging operations to avoid the full road closure, originally scheduled for summer 2017. 

Project Details

With this project, VDOT reconstructed a 0.15-mile stretch of Route 661 (Schoolhouse Road) near Cedar Lee Middle School to address safety concerns and provided improved pedestrian and bicycle access.

Prior to construction, Route 661 bended sharply, in front of Cedar Lee Middle School, forming an intersection that was uncontrolled (no traffic signs or signals). VDOT slightly realigned the east-west segment of Route 661 for a better approach to the intersection, and installed stop signs at all approaches, creating a three-way stop condition to improve safety.

For pedestrians and bicyclists, VDOT added a sidewalk on the southern side of the road that extends from Torrie Way to the Bealeton Presbyterian Church entrance. A crosswalk and an additional stretch of sidewalk on the northern side connect to existing pedestrian paths near the school’s parking lot. A shared-use path was added on the northern side of Route 661 directly in front of the school.

Project Schedule

Public hearing: February 3, 2015
Public comment period ends: February 13, 2015
Right of way acquisition and utility relocation: Spring 2016
Construction advertisement: Fall 2016
Construction start: February 20, 2017
Construction completion: May 8, 2017 (three months ahead of the scheduled August 11, 2017 completion)

Project Costs

Total Cost: $1.78 million

Engineering of Roadway Plans: $606,027
Right of Way Acquisition, Relocation Assistance and Utility Relocation: $306,720
Construction: $864,031


Schoolhouse Road Project in Bealeton Begins
News release, March 3, 2017

Project overview video

Public hearing materials: Feb. 3, 2015
   Brochure Adobe Acrobat PDF (651 KB) 
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