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McIntire Road Extended

New roadway in the city of Charlottesville

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
August 2011

Est Completion Date
Summer 2013

Under Construction


Lengths and Limits
0.4 mile, from Melbourne Road to Route 250 at McIntire Road

Key Construction Co., Inc., Clarksville, Va.



Mauris Mackenzie, P.E.

Construction of this new 0.4 mile-long parkway will provide a connection between Melbourne Road and the intersection of Route 250 and McIntire Road in the city of Charlottesville. The parkway will create additional capacity and an alternate route for traffic headed toward Charlottesville from the north.

Project Design

The road is designed as a two-lane parkway with designated bike lanes on both sides of the travel lanes. 

A 10-foot-wide, enhanced pedestrian trail will parallel the road along its entire length, providing a connection between similar paths within the city of Charlottesville and the pedestrian trail that runs from Melbourne Road north to East Rio Road. It will also connect with the nearby Rivanna Trail network.


Information and Resources

Design of Bridge Over Unnamed Tributary to Schenks Branch Adobe Acrobat PDF  (198 KB)

Concrete form work and railing treatment on Meadow Creek Parkway  bridge Adobe Acrobat PDF  (631 KB)

Pedestrian path and roadway with barrier, Pembroke Pettit bridge, Route 15 at Palmyra Adobe Acrobat PDF  (83 KB)

Footprint of bridge over unnamed tributary Adobe Acrobat PDF  (97 KB)


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