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Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Installation

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Albemarle, Culpeper, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, and Orange


Office of Communications

VDOT is implementing new signal displays at some local intersections to make left turns safer and more efficient. The new traffic signals include a "flashing yellow arrow" in place of the solid green ball to allow drivers to turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic.

Recently Completed

Since fall 2015, signals with flashing yellow arrows have been installed at the following locations:

Albemarle County

  • Route 20 at Route 1150 (Mill Creek Drive)
  • Route 20 at Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • Route 20 at Route 53
  • Route 20 at Route 1421 (Elk Drive) / Fontana Drive
  • Route 250 at Route 729 (Milton Road)
  • Route 250 at Route 22 (Louisa Road)
  • Route 250 at the two ramps to Interstate 64
  • Route 29 at Gander Drive
  • Route 631 (5th Street) at the two ramps to Interstate 64
  • Route 631 (Rio Road West) at Route 1403 (Berkmar Drive)
  • Route 743 (Hydraulic Road) at Route 852 (Commonwealth Drive)
  • Route 1403 (Berkmar Drive) at Route 1417 (Woodbrook Drive)
  • Route 1417 (Woodbrook Drive) at Rio Hill Shopping Center

Culpeper County

  • Route 3 at Route 522
  • Route 15/29 at Route 3/522
  • Route 15/29 Business at Route 666 (Bradford Road/Braggs Corner Road)
  • Route 211 at Route 229
  • Route 229 at Route 729 (Eggbornsville Road) / Route 694 (Ira Hoffman Lane)
  • Route 229 at Route 9537 (Achievement Drive at Culpeper County High School) - southbound only
  • Route 229 at Route 685 (Chestnut Fork Road)
  • Route 666 (Braggs Corner Road/Greens Corner Road) at Route 15/29 interchange on-ramps

Fauquier County

  • Route 15/29 at Route 651 (Freemans Ford Road)
  • Route 15/29 at Route 28 (Catlett Road)
  • Route 17 northbound / Route 687 (Opal Road) at Route 15/29
  • Route 602 (Rogues Road) at Route 605 (Dumfries Road)

Greene County

  • Route 29 at Stoneridge Drive
  • Route 33 (Spotswood Trail) at Route 622 (Celt Road)
  • Route 33 at Route 623 (Swift Run Road)
  • Route 33 at Route 633 (Amicus Road) 
  • Route 33 at Stoneridge Drive

Louisa County

  • Route 15 at Route 250 (3 Notch Road)

Orange County

  • Route 3 at Route 708 (Somerset Ridge Road) - eastbound only
  • Route 3 at Lake of the Woods Way
  • Route 20 at Route 522
  • Route 20 at Route 601 (Flat Run Road)
  • Route 20 at Route 611 (Zoar Road)

Why the Flashing Yellow Arrow?

It improves safety. In 2003, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program completed a study that assessed driver understanding of and response to different types of left-turn controls. The study revealed that the flashing yellow arrow was safer and more effective than the more common green ball at conveying the need to yield before turning left. Read more.

It provides operational flexibility. With this type of signal, VDOT can make changes to the order in which different directions of traffic proceed, as well as adjust the timing of the left-turn movement based on traffic volumes during busier times of day. Doing so helps VDOT maximize the flow of traffic.

It is proving successful. In addition to the locations listed above within VDOT's Culpeper District, there are numerous others across the state, including 91 new signals installed in fall 2014 in the Salem and Lynchburg districts.

VDOT has seen local success with crash reduction, such as on the Route 419 corridor in Roanoke County. From April 2009 to April 2013, there were 52 left turn-related crashes at three intersections along Route 419. In the two years following installation of flashing yellow arrow signals, there were only seven left-turn crashes – a considerable safety improvement.


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News release, March 21, 2017

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