Virginia's Smart Road

Project Summary:


Montgomery County, Virginia

Project Description

The Virginia Department of Transportation and Virginia Tech's Transportation Institute are building a 5.7-mile limited-access highway between Blacksburg and Interstate 81. This direct link will reduce traffic congestion and enhance safety in this region.


Salem District:


  • Initial 1.7-mile, two-lane test track built on a four-lane right-of-way is complete.
  • The phase of construction recently completed features Virginia’s tallest bridge and about 200 yards of roadway, crossing Route 723 and making the track two miles long.
  • The final phase, extending the road to I-81, is not yet scheduled for construction.


The schedule for completing the four-lane test track for entire 5.7 miles and connecting the road to I-81 has not been established. Plans call for four-laning the entire 5.7 miles beyond 2015 and connecting it to I-81.

Page last modified: Oct. 14, 2012