I-81 PPTA Proposals


  • Commissioner picks STAR for negotiations
  • Advisory panel makes recommendation

    September 2002

  • VDOT solicited conceptual proposals from private entities to design, build, improve, maintain and/or operate all or parts of I-81 through Virginia.

    January 2003

  • VDOT received two conceptual proposals: Fluor Virginia Inc. and STAR Solutions.

    March 2003

  • The Commonwealth Transportation Board voted to move both proposals to the next stage of review under the PPTA process.

    September 2003

  • VDOT received detailed proposals from both groups. The proposals were submitted to affected local governments with a 60-day comment period. The advisory panel was created, and review meetings were held in October, November, December and January. A public comment session was held in January.

    February 2004

  • The panel recommended to the Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner that he enter into negotiations with STAR Solutions.

    March 2004

  • After reviewing the panel's recommendation and extensive documentation, as well as touring the I-81 corridor, Commissioner Philip Shucet directed VDOT to enter negotiations with Star Solutions as the potential operator for I-81 improvements.

    NOTE: Negotiations are still under way toward a comprehensive agreement. This action in no way preempts the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970 (NEPA), which requires the evaluation of reasonable alternatives, as well as an analysis of potential social, environmental and economic impacts. NEPA serves as a basis for making informed decisions before proceeding with any construction.

  • PPTA Fact Sheet
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    Negotiations currently are under way between the Virginia Department of Transportation and STAR Solutions for potential improvements to the I-81 corridor in Virginia.

    Negotiations are proceeding under a Virginia purchasing law called the Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA) of 1995, which allows private entities to enter into agreements to construct, improve, maintain and operate transportation facilities. (For more information, see the PPTA Guidelines (PDF).)

    Under the PPTA law, the Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner may decide whether to do business with a particular firm following a multi-level review of a proposal from that firm. STAR Solutions’ proposal is based on the concept of separating cars and trucks on I-81. Information, maps and pictures presented by STAR Solutions are ideas only and may not reflect exactly what could be built along I-81.

    Selection of STAR Solutions does not mean that VDOT has decided to build separate lanes for trucks along I-81. In fact, no final decisions have been made about how I-81 may look and function in the future in Virginia.

    Negotiations continue with STAR as a potential business partner. The current negotiations do not include road design. If major improvements are decided on for I-81, the environmental study will provide the basis for selecting a design.

    The decision to negotiate with STAR Solutions does not preempt the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970, requiring the evaluation of reasonable alternatives, as well as an analysis of potential social, environmental and economic impacts. NEPA serves as a basis for making informed decisions prior to proceeding with any construction activities.

    In January 2004, VDOT launched its I-81 Corridor Improvement Study, under the auspices of NEPA. This study will provide much factual information about the problems along I-81 and help determine what can be built.
    » Star Solutions proposal

    Advisory Panel Members

  • Mr. Pierce Homer, Chairman, Secretary of Transportation (as of March 24, 2005)
  • Mr. Fred Altizer, VDOT District Administrator
  • Mr. Jim Bowie, Commonwealth Transportation Board
  • Ms. Dee Bowles, Transportation Safety Board
  • Mr. George Conner, DRPT Assistant Director
  • Ms. Helen Dragas, Commonwealth Transportation Board
  • Dr. Jonathan Gifford, George Mason University
  • Mr. Malcolm Kerley, VDOT Chief Engineer
  • Ms. Barbara Reese, VDOT Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Phillip Stone, Commonwealth Transportation Board
  • Mr. Dana Martin, Commonwealth Transportation Board

    Advisory Panel Meetings:

  • Feb. 13, 2004 - Salem
  • Jan. 15, 2004 - Salem
  • Dec. 18, 2003 - Bristol
  • Nov. 14, 2003 - Staunton
  • Oct. 2, 2003 - Salem

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