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Route 460 Grundy Floodproofing Project

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The relocation of Route 460 in the downtown Grundy area was completed in August 2009.  The project was constructed on time - finishing on the contract deadline date - and finishing approximately $455,000 under budget (1.8% under contract). 

The contractor for the $24.2 million project was Bizzack, Inc., Lexington, Ky.

The 0.7-mile floodproofing portion of the Route 460 highway project was constructed on a new location from just south of Railroad Avenue to 0.4-mile north of the former Route 460/Route 83 intersection.

To prevent flooding, the roadway was built above the 1977 flood elevation.



- March 2006: Bizzack, Inc., Lexington, Ky., received the $24.2 million project contract.

- Spring 2005: construction bids for the highway portion of this joint project came in approximately $15 million over budget; therefore, VDOT rejected the bids. VDOT re-designed the Route 460 construction project to meet the agency's budget, and then re-advertised the project in November 2005.

- August 10, 1998: A Project Cooperation Agreement between the Department of Army (US Army Corps of Engineers), the Town of Grundy and VDOT – Commonwealth of Virginia for the Implementation of the Grundy, Virginia Nonstructural Flood Control Project was signed. By joining with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to link the ring wall-levee with our highway project, we accomplish two goals in one: a new, modern efficient highway and flood protection for the town.

In addition to the engineering innovations linking the roadway to the ring wall-levee, there have been innovations in financing the project. A portion of VDOT's expenditures for the project will satisfy the federal requirements that a non-federal partner pay for at least 25% of the total cost of the flood control project.

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