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Route 58 widening - Phase IV Abingdon to Damascus

Project at a Glance
Approximately $48.8 million

Lengths and Limits
Route 708 (Rhea Valley Road) to the west corporate limits of Damascus



Dennis Harris, P.E.

What's Being Done

VDOT's Six-Year Improvement Plan (Fiscal Years 2016-2021) includes Route 58 bond funds to buy right of way and construct the fourth and final phase of Route 58 from near Route 708 (Rhea Valley Road) to just west of the West Corporate Limits of Damascus.  The estimated value of the project is $48.8 million.  



Completion of the widening will provide a modern and safe four-lane facility between Abingdon and Damascus, a highly traveled route for commuter and recreational traffic.

The project is part of the Route 58 Corridor Development Program to enhance the transportation network and foster economic development in southwestern Virginia.

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