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Under Construction

Corridor Q: Route 460 Connector - Phase II (Buchanan County)

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
Construction began Fall 2015

Est Completion Date
Spring 2019

$116.8 million

Lengths and Limits
6.2 miles

Bizzack Construction, LLC, Lexington, Ky.



Lawrence Kiser, Project Manager
276-889-7676 ext. 409

What's being done?

The 6.2 mile Corridor Q: U.S. Route 460 Connector Phase II in Buchanan County is currently under construction to rough grade. There will be another contract for paving negotiated upon completion of the rough grade construction.

The majority of construction is on a new location; therefore, impacts to motorists are minimal. The estimated completion date for constructing Phase II to rough grade is spring 2019.

To see Route 460 Phase II's location on a map, click here

Additional Project Info

The Corridor Q/U.S. Route 460 Connector Phase II will be a 6.2-mile two-lane, limited access highway, that will have truck climbing lanes where needed. Rough grade has been designed and constructed to accommodate four lanes in the future should traffic volumes be great enough and should funding become available.

Phase II is located between the U.S. Route 460 Connector Phase I, constructed near Breaks Interstate Park, Route 460 and a connection with the proposed Route 121 in Buchanan County. 

The Phase II design-build contract with Bizzack Construction, LLC, Lexington, Ky., uses the coal synergy concept to provide a road to rough grade at a reduction in costs. A second contract will pave the road and complete the project for motorists to use.

Coal synergy reduces road building costs substantially by using the coal companies’ larger-scale earth moving equipment and construction techniques to prepare the road bed to rough grade, and allowing the companies to recover marketable coal reserves during the road bed preparation. 

This route is designated as part of Corridor Q by the Appalachian Regional Commission and part of the Appalachian Development Highway System.

Click here to review the Bizzack Route 460 Phase II Design Build Contract


▶A design public hearing was held Spring 2014 for the Corridor Q/US Route 460 Connector Phase II project in Buchanan  County. Sixty-six people attended the public hearing and all public hearing comments  - written, oral, or via email - have been reviewed and addressed.

Following are display documents from the public hearing.  

Public Hearing Displays

Data Sheets

▶ A public hearing for the location of Route 460 Connector Phase II was held Tuesday, July 14, 2009 from 4-7 p.m. at Breaks Interstate Park.  Approximately 140 citizens were in attendance.  

▶ November 2009 – Commonwealth Transportation Board approved Location of Route 460 Connector Phase II  

▶ January 2010 – VDOT received Finding of No Significant Impact from FHWA (FONSI)  

Federal Highway Administration Finding of No Significant Impacts, Environmental Assessment and Appendices (1-26-2010) (PDF, 30 MB

▶ June 2013 - Commonwealth Transportation Board authorized VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley to award and execute a $108 million design-build contract to construct the road bed.

▶ July 2013 - design-build contract to construct the road bed awarded/executed.


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