After: Surviving a Work Zone

VDOT Workers' MemorialUnfortunately, the reality of Work Zone Awareness is everyone does not make it safely through work zones. On average, four out of five people killed in work zone crashes are drivers, not highway workers.

Remembering VDOT Workers

In 2004, VDOT created the VDOT Workers' Memorial, a monument on Interstate 64 near Afton Mountain in Albemarle County. Built entirely with contributions from VDOT employees and citizens, the memorial honors state highway transportation workers who died performing their jobs.

The site provides a place where family members, friends and colleagues can reflect on their loss and where travelers can become more aware of the sacrifices state highway transportation workers make everyday.

Encountering a Work Zone Can Mean 
"A Sudden Change in Plans"

Download and watch  (7:40, WMV, 6.5 MB) or read the transcript (PDF, 109 KB) of "A Sudden Change in Plans." This video  shows how easy it is for a work zone worker to become yet another statistic if you are not paying attention.

Page last modified: March 13, 2015