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United States Bicycle Route 1 and 76 in Virginia

Virginia is a key destination for bicycle touring. U.S. Bike Route 76, also known as the Transamerica Route, traverses the state west to east, while US Bike Route 1 runs north-south. Combined they make up over 838 miles in Virginia.

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USBR 1 Changes in Northern Virginia District

The alignment of United States Bicycle Route 1 has been updated. U.S. Bike Route 1 was established in 1982. Due to new development in Northern Virginia, the routing of USBR 1 was re-evaluated. 

The project study area extended from the 14th Street Bridge in Arlington County to the southern boundary of Prince William County. The summary report is provided below. A signing plan is also available below. 

The changes were submitted to AASHTO in October 2014 and subsequently approved. The new route is shown on the map below.


A History of U.S. Bicycle Route One (PDF, 73 KB)




Page last modified: Aug. 25, 2016