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Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

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What is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (CGAD) is a statewide event devoted to saying thank you to those who help students cross the street safely on their way to and from school.

When is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

While the Virginia SRTS Program has designated the second Wednesday of February as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, we encourage schools and communities to plan their own Crossing Guard Appreciation Day on any day that works for them to recognize the valuable role crossing guards play in making safe routes to school a reality.

Do you like to plan ahead? Put these dates on your calendar now for the coming years:

  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2018 - February 14
  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2019 - February 13
  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2020 - February 12

How can my school participate in Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

Whether simple or elaborate, Crossing Guard Appreciation Day events are a great way to acknowledge the value your crossing guard brings to safe travel to school. Your school may choose to say thank you in person, promote the work of your crossing guard in local media, and nominate your crossing guard for Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guard Award. More event ideas are available in the Crossing Guard Appreciation Day Learn It. Do It. Live It. which is available for download along with thank you cards, flyers and stickers at the bottom of this page.

>>Nominate your crossing guard here.

All schools that nominate their crossing guard for the Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guard will receive a Crossing Guard Appreciation Day decal that can be added to Virginia Safe Routes to School Banner. For more information about banners and decals, please see the Student Travel Tally webpage.


 Learn it, Do it, Live it! CGAD

Learn it. Do it. Live it!

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day


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Virginia's Most Outstanding Crossing Guards of 2016

Ann Byrd - Spotswood Elementary (Harrisonburg)

Anne Byrd is the friendly and attentive school crossing guard at Spotswood Elementary School in Harrisonburg, greeting students, parents, and teachers as they arrive at school. Recently, Anne’s attentiveness helped to keep a child safe. Anne noticed when a student a block away from Anne’s post was approached by a stranger who got out of his car. Anne quickly rescued the student, then drove the student home and worked with the family to file a police report. The Spotswood Elementary School community is safer because of Anne!




Regina Jordan - Larchmont Elementary School (Norfolk)

Responsible for helping over 300 Larchmont Elementary school families, Old Dominion University students, and students attending nearby Catholic schools safely get to school, Regina Jordan has her hands full! However, Regina not only helps students cross the street, but teaches pedestrian safety in the process. With over 10 years at Larchmont Elementary, she knows current and past students and families by their first and last name and even greets international families in other languages! Described by those who nominated her as "sunshine," Regina always has a smile on her face and is fixture of the Larchmont Elementary community. 





Sadie White - Fairfield Court Elementary School (Richmond)

Sadie White has established an excellent rapport with the Fairfield Court Elementary School community over the past five years. She is respected and loved by students, parents, and faculty who know to look to her for instruction when travelling to or from school. Ms. White is also extremely courageous having escorted students to safety following shootings near the school on two occasions. Ms. White put herself in harm’s way to protect students when a car made an illegal turn into her crosswalk earlier this year. Although she broke her arm in the incident, she was back at work within days!




Officer Vickie Taylor - Galax Middle and High Schools (Galax)

"I love you, but I'll correct you," is a motto of sorts for Officer Vickie Taylor, a 15-year veteran of the Galax City Police Department and a school resource officer for 13 years.  When not assisting students in the crosswalks at Galax Middle and High Schools, she is active in the students' lives teaching classes in gang resistance, girl's self-defense, crime prevention through National Night Out and as an assistant coach of the JV girls' softball team.  Taylor also staffs the obstacle course for Safe Routes to School Bike Rodeos. She tries to encourage the students, help give direction to them and even, on occasion, will pick them up and take them to school.

"She does it all," says Debbie Shaw, Galax High School secretary. Students and staff agree:  "The best thing that I can say about Officer Taylor is that after working with her for over 10 years, in every situation, she always has the students' best interests at heart", says Galax High School principal Justin Iroler. "Officer Taylor will move mountains to try and help the students she serves.  We are very fortunate to have Officer Taylor in our community working with our students."     




Roger Tally - Hampton Middle School (Woodbridge)

Mr. Roger Tally’s dedication to Hampton Middle School is evident in the number of students who took the time to nominate him. With 39 nominations this year, the majority of which came from students, it is obvious that Mr. Tally is a role model and an outstanding crossing guard for Hampton Middle School. His commanding yet welcoming voice and pleasant personality play a big role at Hampton Middle School. Mr. Tally comes in at the beginning of each school year to talk to students about the importance of following the safety rules when walking to school.

Roger provides clear instructions for drivers, predictably starting his shift before students travel the sidewalks.  He greets every student that crosses towards school, and even other pedestrians, such as those heading to the public bus.  He encourages and entertains the students in his brief daily contacts.

With over 15 years of experience, students describe him as, “probably the best crossing guard any school in the county can have” and “the BEST crossing guard in the WORLD.”




Ana Hernandez - Ashlawn Elementary School (Arlington)

Ana Hernandez is the ever smiling crossing guard at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington who is present rain, snow, or shine. She is described by those who nominated her as cheerful and caring, always taking the time to explain to kids the importance of pedestrian safety. Ana is known to have a firm control over the flow of buses, cars, construction vehicles, bikers, and pedestrians who travel through her intersection, working patiently but firmly to ensure the safety of students. If you make a mistake, you are sure to hear her whistle!

One parent who nominated Ana claimed that, “everyone is secretly glad when one has to wait by her side for traffic to pass because Ana asks after you in a way that brings instant sun into your life, no matter the actual weather.” The same parent went on to say that, “after 20 years of walking this route (between my own children attending and now as Ashlawn staff), I can say no other crossing guard comes close to the cheerful, skilled, gracious Ana Hernandez!” Ana truly is an outstanding crossing guard!


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