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The power of recognition: 

Recognizing good work leads to high energy, great feelings, high-quality performance and terrific results. Not acknowledging good work causes lethargy, resentment, sorrow and withdrawal. – Judith W. Umlas (The Power of Acknowledgement, IIL Publishing, New York, 2006)

Recognize Your School’s Crossing Guard

Does your crossing guard know the name of every student on their route? Does your crossing guard get up before dawn to make sure each student has assistance to cross the street on their way to school? The Virginia Safe Routes to School program wants to celebrate crossing guards who make a difference in Virginia’s communities. 

Take a moment to appreciate and recognize your school’s crossing guard for their hard work and dedication.  There are three basic ways to recognize your crossing guard: Say thank you, promote their work, support their work.  Suggestions for each are below.  We’ve also developed downloadable materials to help.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2014 - Thank You CardSay Thank you, in person!

  • Students should be encouraged to walk or bike (bundled up appropriately!) and thank their crossing guards in-person.
  • Students can make thank you cards in class to give to the crossing guard on the way home. This can be part of art class, or social studies class, or another class. 
  • Teachers can help students write songs, cheers, or poems thanking the crossing guard for their help. Students can deliver their message during school dismissal.
  • Parents can write thank you cards to either deliver in person or send with children on the way to school.
  • Schools, parents, and other community members can host a crossing guard meet & greet with coffee, hot chocolate, and some ‘comfort food’ after the morning shift.
  • Schools can think of new ideas of their own! Anything that expresses gratitude for their service is an eligible activity.

Promote their work

  • Help others in your community learn about the important contributions your crossing guard makes by alerting your local radio station, newspapers, bloggers and tweeters!

Support their work

  • Schools can apply for a QuickStart Mini-grant to upgrade crossing guard equipment such as stop paddles, reflective vests, flashlights, etc.

You Did It!

View certificate in PDF COMMUNITY AWARDS

A play on the Virginia SRTS Program Learn It. Do It. Live It! theme, the You Did It certificate award can be used by local programs to recognize outstanding individuals, or groups of individuals, that demonstrate hard work, positivity, and creativity as part of a SRTS effort..  The downloadable certificate can be completed online, then printed, signed and framed before presenting. Let us know when you use this certificate, and will include it in an upcoming Virginia SRTS Program newsletter.  Simply contact your LTAC with the information (a photo would be great, too).


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