Community Wayfinding Sign Program Manual

Virginia is rich in historic, cultural, and recreational destinations.

Communities are increasingly recognizing the economic benefits of marketing to the public through specialty directional signing.

Wayfinding programs are considered an integral part of promoting tourism and competing for the economic benefits.

A well-crafted wayfinding sign system provides an opportunity to educate and inspire the travelling public and promote visitation to some of Virginia’s great destinations.

With this understanding and the commitment to provide clear and consistent signing, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) collaborated with industry stakeholders to develop the Community Wayfinding Manual.

This manual provides specific guidance on how to develop and implement wayfinding sign programs on the VDOT road network.

The Manual builds upon the guidance provided in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and offers supplementary policies, procedures, and guidelines unique to Virginia.

 This allows wayfinding signs to coexist in congruence with other essential directional and guide signs.

 VDOT encourages the use of this manual and offers support and guidance to those communities interested in the development of a wayfinding program.

Page last modified: Nov. 17, 2017