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SAL 132

Feb. 1, 2011

Blasting to be scheduled on various days for the next three to five weeks

SALEM – As part of the ongoing road construction project in Roanoke County to widen about a mile of Route 221 between its intersections with Route 897 (Crystal Creek Drive) and Route 688 (Cotton Hill Road), blasting to remove rock will be scheduled during the next three to five weeks.  The first blasting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 3 and may continue into Friday, Feb. 4. Flaggers will stop traffic at four different times during daytime hours for approximately 20 to 30 minutes when charges are being detonated.  

Every effort will be made to minimize traffic disruptions and detonate each of the four charges outside peak traffic times.  However, traffic in the vicinity of each blast will have to be stopped on Route 221, along adjacent roadways and at private entrances.  The initial blasting will include four separate charges to be detonated at three different locations on the project.  On Thursday, Feb. 3, the following locations are scheduled:

Location 1.  Southbound Route 221 traffic will be stopped south of the current four-lane section and before the first 20 mph curve.  Northbound Route 221 traffic will be stopped near the Route 745 (Ran Lynn Road) intersection. Traffic entering Route 221 from Route 725 (Sunnycrest Road) will be stopped at this intersection. Two charges will be detonated at this location, so traffic will be stopped twice.

Location 2.  Southbound Route 221 traffic will be stopped south of the current four-lane section and before the first 20 mph curve.  Northbound Route 221 will be stopped at the Route 688 (Cotton Hill Road) intersection.  Traffic entering Route 221 from Ran Lynn Road and Sunnycrest Road will be stopped at these intersections.

Location 3.  Both northbound and southbound Route 221 will be stopped approximately 750 feet from the Cotton Hill Road intersection.  Traffic on Cotton Hill Road will be stopped approximately 800 feet east of Route 221.

Signs and message boards will be in place to alert drivers to these traffic delays.  Drivers should watch for flaggers and expect delays.  

Additional blasting is expected within the next three to five weeks with more scheduled during the next 18 months as excavation work continues on the construction project.

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