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Thanks for Going ORANGE for Work Zone Awareness!

VDOT Area Headquarters Employees Proudly Don Orange in Honor of Work Zone Crews and ContractorsApril 9, 2011: VDOT employees know the importance of Work Zone Awareness Week and they know how to show it.

On Wednesday, a sea of orange could be seen throughout every VDOT district, shop, residency, AHQ and TOC across the commonwealth.

From fingernails to hair-dos, T-shirts to dress ties, Hawaiian shirts to loud plaid, cone heads to a bi-plane, Hokies to Wahoos, and group shots to selfies, everyone caught the spirit the orange Work Zone Awareness Week spirit. Even Governor Terry McAuliffe and the First Lady got in on the act.

VDOT employees understand how costly it can be to get distracted in a work zone and let the world know by wearing orange to raise safety awareness.

Our crews and contractors have a tough job and all VDOT employees salute them with this small gesture. In doing so, they remind everyone to slow down, pay attention and save a life.

See who wore orange and how they did it on VDOT's very popular Flickr page.

Many thanks to the Communications Photo team for their tireless work around the clock taking, collecting, formatting and posting hundreds of photos!


Vigil for Our Fallen Colleagues

At the vigilApril 10, 2014: Last night, VDOT leadership and staff, surviving relatives, safety partners and several members of the media gathered at the breezy VDOT Workers' Memorial on Afton Mountain for a solemn, heart-touching vigil to remember those lost in work zones.

The annual vigil during Work Zone Awareness Week honors our fallen at the memorial that was built so family, friends and colleagues have a special place to reflect on their loss. The memorial, visible from nearby Interstate 64, also serves as a daily reminder to the traveling public of the sacrifices made by state highway transportation workers.

Commissioner Charlie Kilpatrick, P.E., was joined by Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne, Culpeper District Administrator John Lynch, P.E., Executive Vice President of the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance Jeff Southard, Work Zone Safety Coordinator for the Culpeper and Staunton districts Forester Wright, Maj. Lenmuel Terry from the Virginia State Police and Executive Director Janet Brooking from Drive Smart Virginia to speak about the dangers and consequences of aggressive and distracted driving.

"I have passed this particular memorial many times and never thought to stop," said Secretary Layne. "But being here this evening, I think to myself about what I have missed. We see 133 names up here...133 too many. I know that motorists don't like to come up on a work zone...they see the orange cones and go, 'Oh no, what now?' But I want you to remember that the men and women wearing those hard hats and vests are out there making our lives better."

After the speakers, a traditional moment of silence was observed.

See more photos from the event on VDOT's Facebook page.


Preservationist of the Year

LichtenbergerMarch 20, 2014: Randy Lichtenberger, right, VDOT's regional archaeologist, was named Preservationist of the Year by the Lynchburg Historical Foundation recently.

A native of upstate New York, Lichtenberger came to central Virginia in 2000 as a field director for Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest. 

He has been actively involved in digs at many Virginia locations, including the Old City Cemetery – Virginia’s oldest public burial ground -- and Historic Sandusky, both in Lynchburg and Nelson County.

He has led numerous workshops and helped create the archaeological lab at Sweet Briar College.

At VDOT, Lichtenberger ensures  the department takes all steps possible to mitigate disruption to historically-significant sites.

Lichtenberger says his work requires patience. “You have to be willing to do a lot of work without finding much, if you’re talking field work. But I just enjoy it so much. I wish I had more time in the day to do more.”


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