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Aug. 12, 2016

August 15 - 21: Bristol's Weekly Traffic Alert


BRISTOL – In an effort to keep motorists informed, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) provides weekly information about highway construction and maintenance projects in southwestern Virginia.  When traveling through highway work zones, use caution and be alert to changes in traffic patterns and slow-moving or stopped traffic.


To help motorists take the guesswork out of travel plans, call VDOT’s 511 or visit for real-time traffic information.


Underlined entries with asterisks (***) indicate the listing is new or the status of the project has changed since last week’s traffic alert.



***Interstate 81 – Exit 14:  Work is underway to reconstruct Interstate 81 exit 14 to better accommodate traffic volumes and to replace the north and southbound interstate 81 bridges at exit 14.  The week of August 15, be alert to the possibility of flaggers directing traffic on Old Jonesboro Road and Dennison Road. Also be alert to an increase in heavy equipment crossing Jonesboro Road onto Dennison Road for the next few weeks.  (Completion: fall 2018)

***Interstate 81 bridges at mile marker 47 in Marion: Motorists should be alert to periodic shoulder closures this week on Interstate 81 at the bridges at mile marker 47 in the Marion area of Smyth County. Beginning August 22, there will be periodic lane closures at the bridge to perform repairs. (Completion: November 2016)

Interstate 81 – Exit 80: Bridge work at I-81 exit 80 in Wythe County will cause daytime and nighttime periodic lane closures.  Also be alert to lane closures along Route 52, which is the route located off exit 80 that crosses over I-81.  (Completion: October 2016)

***Interstate 81 – skid-resistant pavement installation: Anticipate daytime and nighttime lane closures at various locations along I-81 due to the installation of a pavement installed to prevent vehicle skids.

Motorists may notice rougher riding surfaces in treated areas; however, motorists will also experience greater pavement friction resulting in better control of their vehicles. 

The locations for the skid-resistant pavement are:

  • Southbound exit 1 ramp in Bristol

  • Southbound near exit 22 in Washington County

  • Northbound near exit 32 in Washington County.

 (Completion: October 2016) 

***Interstate 77 – maintenance activities: Anticipate lane closures on Interstate 77 due to mowing between exits 41 and 67 in Wythe and Bland counties.

***Interstate 81 – maintenance activities: Be alert to daytime lane closures this week on Interstate 81 due to the following bridge maintenance work:

  • Tree and brush removal activities between mile markers 58 and 59 in Wythe County

  • Nighttime bridge deck repairs southbound near mile marker 51 and exit 45 in Smyth County

  • Nighttime bridge deck repairs northbound near exits 35 and 45 in Smyth County

  • Mowing between Bristol and exit 26 in Washington County.


Bland County Route 601 bridge replacement: While work is underway to build a new two-lane bridge on Route 601 in Bland County, adjacent to the current one-lane bridge, motorists should be alert to the possibility of flaggers directing lane closures periodically due to construction deliveries and activities such as concrete pours. (Completion: October 2016)


Buchanan County
Route 83 – slope repairs: Temporary signals are controlling one-lane traffic along a section of Route 83 in Buchanan County to perform slope repairs. The work area is .3-mile south of Route 620 (Deskins Road) and .5-mile north of Route 619 (Lee Master Road). It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete the work. (Completion: August 2016)  


Lee County
Route 421 – water line installation: Anticipate lane closures periodically along Route 421 in Lee County near the intersection of Route 642 (Hickory Flats Road), as well as along a portion of Route 642. (Completion: fall 2016)

Water line installations: Lane closures are possible during daylight hours at the following locations due to water line installation work along Routes 684, 685, 686, 687 and 736 in the Frog Level area. (Completion: summer 2016)


Scott County
Route 72 – utility project: Anticipate lane closures during daylight hours on Route 72 between Midway and Fort Blackmore in Scott County due to new power line construction. (Completion: late 2016) 

Water line installation: Motorists should be alert to the possibility of delays due to water line installation work at the following locations:

  • Routes 58 (Bristol Highway) and 615 (Federal Road), beginning at the intersection of Routes 58 and 803 (Stage Lane) and extending eastward to the intersection of Routes 58 and 617 (Shelleys Road). (Completion: Spring 2017) 

  • Route 619 (Big Stoney Creek Road) in the Fort Blackmore area, between Route 72 (Veterans Memorial Highway) and Route 653 (Hunters Valley East Road) (Completion: Winter 2016)

Route 614 (Yuma Road): Culvert installation work within the Route 614 (Yuma Road) work zone has been completed and the traffic pattern at the intersection of Routes 614 and 713 (Frisco Yard Road) is back to normal. Motorists should be alert to workers and heavy equipment along the roadway as roadway improvements continue. (Completion: November 2016)


Russell County
Slurry Seal – various routes: A project to place a pavement sealant known as slurry seal on various routes in the Honaker, Hansonville and Castlewood areas of Russell County is underway. Slurry seal is a type of pavement sealant that consists of liquid asphalt, cement, lime, fine aggregates and water. It is applied as a thin layer over the existing surface. In order to give the new surface time to harden, drivers are shifted to other travel lanes or encouraged to use an alternate route for several hours. (Completion: summer 2016)


Smyth County
***Route 650 (Comers Creek Road) – bridge replacement: The Route 650 (Comers Creek Road) bridge will be closed Monday, August 15 at 9 a.m. through Monday, August 29 at 5 p.m. to allow crews to replace the bridge. The bridge is located 1.25 miles from Route 670 and 3.95 miles from Route 16 in Smyth County. (Completion: August 29)

Tazewell County
***Route 602 – bridge deck replacement: The Route 602 (Pleasant Hill Church Road) bridge over Maiden Springs Creek in Tazewell County will remain closed through Monday, August 15 at 5 p.m. due to a bridge replacement project. Motorists should plan alternate routes while work is underway. (Completion: August 15)

Route 102 bridge replacement: A project to reconstruct the Route 102 bridge over Laurel Fork in the Pocahontas area of Tazewell County is underway. Motorists should use caution in this area and be alert to signals controlling one-way traffic across the bridge. (Completion: May 2017)

Route 643 (Dick Creek Road): Due to roadway improvements on a section of Route 643 (Dick Creek Road) in Tazewell County, motorists should anticipate the possibility of delays during daylight hours and be alert to flaggers. (Completion: December 2016)

Route 460 – shoulder improvements: Be aware of right lane closures, low shoulders and unmarked pavement while shoulder improvements are underway along Route 460 in Tazewell County. The project is located between exit 1 in Tazewell and exit 1 in Bluefield, with eastbound work beginning first and westbound work starting in August. Work includes shoulder paving, adding rumble strips to the shoulder and guardrail improvements. Watch for slowed traffic through the work zone due to construction vehicles entering and exiting the work area. (Completion: mid-September 2016)

Route 16 bridge over Maiden Spring Creek: Work to replace the bridge deck and repair portions of the Route 16 bridge over Maiden Spring Creek near the Thompson Valley area of Tazewell County is underway.  Motorists should be alert to workers in the area during daylight hours. Traffic signals will be installed soon to control one-lane traffic across the bridge during construction. (Completion: November 1, 2016)


Washington County
Route 725 roadway improvement project: Work is underway to improve a section of Route 725 in the Taylor’s Valley Community of Washington County. Motorists should be alert to the possibility of delays of up to 15 minutes during daylight hours. (Completion: late November 2016)

Route 611 (Providence Road): Due to a project to realign a portion of Route 611 (Providence Road) in Washington County near Virginia Highlands Airport, blasting operations will occur between noon and 2 p.m. daily through mid-to-late August. During blasting operations, motorists should anticipate lengthy delays daily between noon and 2 p.m.

Route 11 and Falcon Place Drive: Be alert to flaggers directing traffic during daylight hours daily as well as periodic nighttime delays due to construction at the intersection of Route 11 and Falcon Place Drive in Abingdon. (Completion: October 2016)


Wise County
Route 757 (Wise-Norton Road): Work to widen a one-mile section of Route 757 (Wise-Norton Road) is underway. A new traffic pattern is in place, restricting traffic to one-way on Route 757 from Business Route 23 at Wise toward Route 23. There is two-way traffic between Route 23 and the Wal-mart shopping area; however, traffic is accessing Route 757 north of Wal-mart using Route 23 north to Business Route 23 in Wise.  Motorists should be alert to highway workers, message boards and detour signs, and heavy equipment in the area. (Completion: October 2017)

Business Route 23 bridge in Pound: Traffic signals are controlling one 11-foot-wide lane across the Business Route 23 bridge in Pound due to replacement of the bridge. Signals are also controlling traffic off Route 633 (Bold Camp Road).  Motorists should use caution in this area and be alert to the possibility of delays. (Completion: spring 2018)

Water and sewer line projects: Be alert to lane closures during daylight hours due to the following activities:

  • water line installation work at various secondary routes in the Upper Exeter community in Wise County. (Completion: fall 2016)

  • sewer line installation work in the Andover, Osaka and Roda areas located north of Appalachia in Wise County. Route 78 between Route 686 near Central Supply and Route 685 will be impacted by a portion of this work. (Completion: fall 2017)

Wythe County
Route 619 (Saint Peters Road):  Be alert to the possibility of lane closures and delays on Route 619 (Saint Peters Road) due to reconstruction and overlay of a 2.7 mile section of the route, from near the intersection with Route 21 in Speedwell to the intersection with Route 707.  (Completion: November 2016) 



Route 460 bridge replacement: Replacement of the Route 460 “Coke Oven Bridges” in Buchanan County has been completed


Information in VDOT news releases was accurate at the time the release was published. For the most current information about projects or programs, please visit the project or program Web pages. You may find those by searching by keyword in the search Virginia DOT box above.

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